It’s that time of the year when the victory bells are ringing all around the town…

Cinco de Mayo is here! Be it the celebratory occasion of Mehico’s triumph over the French Empire, high tea or a family get-together, Mexican tissue paper flowers are the cherry on top when it comes to home decor.

And they are so easy to make, it would make a real fun pastime to have your toddler make them for their arts and craft Fridays.

Mexican tissue paper flowers are unique to their own creation in the sense that they require a more meticulous approach when it comes to craftsmanship.

The colors used to make Mexican tissue paper flowers are also bold, vibrant and vivid which only adds to their aesthete.

mexican tissue paper

In order to help you make the best out of your celebratory occasion, we have compiled some amazing ways to make Mexican tissue paper flowers.

Not only that, but we also tell you everything you should know about Mexican tissue paper flowers, the type of paper they are made from, where to buy them and more.

So let’s begin!

Get your reading glasses on because we are about to do some endearing reading.

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Type of Paper Used to Make Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers

Mexican tissue paper flowers are made either from tissue paper or crepe paper.

Crepe paper is nothing but tissue paper layered together to give out a wrinkly and papery effect.

In fact, both tissue paper and crepe paper that can be used to make Mexican tissue paper flowers can be easily found at any supermarket or hypermarket, an office supply store, the 99-cents store and almost any other arts and craft store.

They are also available online on various sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and eBay.

If you do not have the time to make your own personalized bouquet of Mexican tissue paper flowers, that has also been taken care of by the internet. There are pre-made Mexican tissue paper flowers available online, just a tap away.

Due to their intricately curated design and harmonizing colors, Mexican tissue paper flowers make for an haute couture home decor idea.

They’re also acid-free!

Apart from being available in a range of colors in a variety of styles, Mexican tissue paper flowers are also acid-free in nature. This means that they do not contain any chemicals such as chlorine or any other additives that might be harmful to the skin.

In fact, the type of tissue paper or crepe paper used for making Mexican tissue paper flowers have a pH of 7 which is neutral.

It is due to this reason that making Mexican tissue paper flowers can be safely handled by the young ones. Think how cute those paper flowers made out of cute lil’ tiny fingers would look!

Types of Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers Available on Amazon

The variety of pre-made Mexican tissue paper flowers might leave you a tad bit apprehensive, there are just so many of them!

And in order to make your quest to seek the perfect Mexican tissue paper flowers easier, we did the leg-work and came up with the top 5 Mexican tissue papers available online.

Find what’s perfect for your occasion and read on.

  1. Festive Mexican Paper Flowers, Unique and Assorted

This unique assortment of 6 handmade Mexican tissue paper flowers is bound to leave you enchanted with its bright colors and fanciful swirls.

These types of paper flowers will make for the perfect decor when it comes to cinco de mayo, weddings, birthday parties and holiday parties alike.

Apart from home decor, these Mexican tissue paper flowers can also be used for making Mexican flower bouquets, Mexican flower applique, Mexican flower garland, Mexican flower base and what not!

  1. Fiesta Paper Flowers, 12 Pcs Cocostar, Mexican Rainbow Theme Party

These rainbow-colored Mexican tissue paper flowers are capable of decorating your room completely. The 12 pom-pom flowers are available in 12 colors, each designed to adapt to a cozy environment. The best way to use these types of Mexican tissue paper flower pom poms is by hanging them over the ceiling or on a table, under the verandah or even from a garden post or the branches on your backyard tree. These paper flowers are a must-have for Fiesta parties and cinco de mayo.

Here’s a tip before we proceed further:

While purchasing Mexican tissue paper flowers online, there is a waiting period of at least 3 weeks. This is because these flowers are handmade and then delivered to your doorstep with utmost caution. So do keep in mind to place the order a month before to be on the safe side. You do not want to be left high and dry when it comes to Mexican tissue paper flowers!

  1. Mybbshower Fiesta Flower for Carnival, Ranbow Theme Party

These types of Mexican tissue paper flowers come in an assorted array of 7 fantastical colors – hot pink, yellow, orange, pink, lilac, light blue and blue which are 11 inches in diameter.

They are intricately designed with 3 layers of green paper for leaves, 5 layers for the flower petals and 1 layer of yellow paper as the center of the flowers.

They work as delightful backdrop decor and other floral wall decorations. They can also be kept as aisle flowers, or paper flowers used to decorate the bride and groom’s chairs. De facto, these can be used for any outdoor event, corporate events, baby showers and gender reveal parties and even bachelorette parties.

  1. PINSUKO Color Tissue Flowers Paper Pom Poms

This combination of 6 vibrant and cheerfully assorted collections of Mexican tissue paper flowers contains 3 pieces of each color.

These pieces are 10 inches, 12 inches and 14 inches in size respectively. Thus, you get a total of 18 pieces for a great price.

To make your work easier, each set of paper flowers comes with a white ribbon attached to it. There is also a manual available with instructions about how to use the Mexican tissue paper flowers. These work great for almost any occasion including birthdays, christening, weddings, baby showers and kitchen or nursery decorations.

  1. Valentine’s Day Fiesta Party Decorations

This Valentine, surprise someone special by decorating your room with this Mexican tissue paper flower package, complementing it with a to-go picnic basket and a handwritten note may be.

This assortment of superior quality and eco-friendly Mexican paper flowers also comes with 10 paper poms and strands of colorful 3D butterflies which will give an amazing effect to your background.

Apart from Valentine’s, these Mexican tissue paper flowers can also be used for birthdays, bridal showers and more. And those butterflies would make for a surreal and dreamy background, won’t they?

Now that you know most of what you want, let’s give you a glimpse into what we are going to be looking at next. Here’s a hint. What would you do if you did not want to buy those Mexican tissue paper flowers online?

Yes, you guessed it right. But before we discuss it further in detail, let’s get virtual.

Let’s Get Virtual!

The process of learning how to make Mexican tissue paper flowers is not as difficult as it sounds. The beauty of making the paper flowers not only lies in their authenticity but also in their simplicity.

So if you would rather make your own personalized Mexican tissue paper flowers, then we have just the right thing for you.

Here is a link to a YouTube Mexican tissue paper flower tutorial that will help you learn how to make wondrous paper flowers at home.

“How to make Mexican Paper Flowers?”

In this YouTube tutorial, you will learn how to make Mexican tissue paper flowers with some easily available things at home.

It’s time to take a round to the pantry and get a few handy things including crepe paper, tissue paper, a pair of scissors and a string. Are you wondering how to put them together to make some exotic-looking flowers? Go ahead and check this video to find out.

How to Make Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers Step-by-Step?

As said earlier, the process of making Mexican tissue paper flowers is pretty simple. There still are unique ways to master the art of making paper flowers at home. Let’s learn them one-by-one.

  • Mexican Paper flowers for Cinco de Mayo Home Decor


  • Crepe paper or tissue paper
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Colored String
  • Stapler

How to Proceed?

  • Take the sheets of tissue paper and fold them in half.
  • Now, start folding the tissue paper in an accordion style fold. After you are done, staple it from the center using a stapler.
  • Get the pipe cleaner and fold it in half. Tie the pipe cleaner around the accordion style folded tissue paper. Twist and twirl it around itself such that it makes for an elongated and firm stem for the Mexican tissue paper flowers.
  • If you want, you can staple the pipe cleaner to the tissue paper.
  • Now, gently start pulling out every single layer of sheet up from either one of the halves. Repeat the process with the other half as well. You can start from either one of those sides, it doesn’t really matter. However, do keep in mind to be precautious as the tissue paper could tear.
  • You will see that each half of the tissue paper meets at the center and gives out a crinkled flowery appeal.
  • Repeat the process with the other remaining tissue papers and viola! Your Mexican tissue paper flowers are ready to flaunt on your walls.
  • You can also make multiple Mexican tissue paper flowers and make a beautiful garland or a bouquet out of them.
  • Large Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers Using A String


  • Colored tissue paper (with the color of your choice)

(10 sheets of tissue paper are required per flower)

  • Scissors
  • String, yarn or a fishing line

How to Proceed?

  • Lay down 10 sheets of colored tissue paper on a flat surface, stacked one on top of another.
  • Now, make an accordion fold to the stack of tissue papers with each fold being approximately 1 inch in size. You have to fold till the other end of the tissue paper.
  • Now, tie a string at the middle of the accordion style folded tissue paper. This should be a hassle free step as most of the tissue papers have a crease marking their center. Tie a double knot to your string.
  • Now you will have to shape and cut out your petals for the Mexican tissue paper flower. Trim the top of both sides of the accordion style folded tissue paper, cutting out a round semicircular shape. You can change the shape as per your choice. A rounded semicircular petal looks like a rose or a peony. On the contrary, the round shape with slits on it will resemble a chrysanthemum while a triangle will resemble a dahlia.
  • Proceed with caution and start pulling out one sheet of tissue paper at a time, simultaneously fluffing up your flower.
  • Finish one layer of tissue paper at a time. This means you will have to work back and forth as you move from one side to the other.
  • Slowly, you will notice the swirls and curves of the petals of a flower.
  • Tada! Your large Mexican tissue paper flower is ready for home decorations.

Let’s Get Virtual!

Now that you know the ingenious ways to make Mexican tissue paper flowers, what if we told you they do not necessarily have to be monochromatic?

Yes, two (or more) layers of gentle and pleasant colors combined together to give away a uniquely aesthetic effect. Such decorations would be eye-catching for mini-occasions and gatherings such as birthday parties, gender reveals, baby showers and more. Here is a link to a YouTube tutorial on making Mexican tissue paper flowers at home using multi-colored tissue papers.

“How to make paper Mexican flowers : Paper Art Project”

In this YouTube tutorial, learn how to make creatively enhanced Mexican tissue paper flowers!

This is a simple yet avant-garde technique of making paper flowers at home.

All you will require is a set of multi-colored tissue papers, scissors and a string. *Snip* *Snip* and a *Snap* and a few folds here would make your Mexican tissue paper flowers all the more enthusing.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click on the link to make your own authentic collection of Mexican tissue paper flowers.

So long, amigos!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where can I buy Mexican tissue paper flowers?

Mexican tissue paper flowers are easily available online on various sites including Amazon, UBuy, Etsy and Walmart. Apart from that, they are also available in almost any hypermarket or supermarket and other stores like the 99-cents store.

Can I make Mexican tissue paper flowers at home?

Yes, you can make Mexican tissue paper flowers at home and the process is simpler than you could’ve imagined. Stack 10 tissue papers one on top of the other, make an accordion fold and start pulling out each layer of tissue paper gently. Slowly, you will see a flower-like shape emerging. There are other variations to this method as well, but this is the easiest and most convenient way to go about it.

What are some Mexican tissue paper flower crafts?

Mexican tissue paper flowers can be used in various ways. One can make a paper flower bouquet out of them, a garland, or for decorating chairs and tables for special occasions such as cinco de mayo. They also work as an amazing wall backdrop for other festivities.

What type of paper should I use to make Mexican tissue paper flowers?

Mexican tissue paper flowers can be very conveniently made using either regular tissue paper or crepe paper. To enhance its effect, you can also use multi-colored tissue papers or crepe papers.

Is tissue paper acid-free?

Yes, the tissue paper with which Mexican tissue paper flowers are made is acid-free and will not cause any harm to the skin. In fact, you can also get regular acid-free tissue paper to make Mexican tissue paper flowers at home with your young ones for this week’s arts and craft Fridays!


When it comes to the art of making Mexican tissue paper flowers, simplicity is the key. But that does not mean your home decor doesn’t deserve a little bit of a glam-up. A pinch of glitter never hurt anyone.

So go ahead and create your own creative excursion to a land of wide flowers with vivid colors.

You can check WikiHow on How to Make Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers.

Because be it birthdays, weddings, holidays, graduation, gender reveals or baby showers, Mexican tissue paper flowers suit them all and suit them well.

Hope this helped you seek what you were looking for.

So long, adios amigos!


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