Nothing personifies the joy and sparks of creation like the smooth, glossy surface of gold tissue papers. Thanks to them, arts and crafts for festive occasions are much less laborious and much more effortless.

Don’t get us wrong, that is not to say there is nada effort involved. Of course, you will have to work your way around it a little bit… and if you are a tad bit skeptical and don’t know how to, then push them worries aside. There are a gazillion ideas of creativity hiding under the sometimes scaly, sometimes glittery and sometimes glimmery surface of gold tissue paper, spared no expense.

Moreover, the variety in which they are available not only leaves the eyes astonished at their aesthete, but also outgrown admiration for gold tissue papers.

Keeping all the previously mentioned things in mind, we have crafted (no pun intended) a mini guide for your ease. This will cover the top 10 gold tissue papers available in the market and how you can use them on various festive occasions.

use gold tissue paper for wrapping

In fact, gold tissue paper can also be used for regular arts and craft at home, by yourself or your kids. Moreover, if you come across a sturdy and rigid enough tissue paper, practicing origami is a must!

You cannot let a pretty looking paper such as gold tissue paper go to waste. It would be a shame!

But jokes aside, before we explore the varieties of gold tissue paper, there are other preliminary things that you need to know before purchasing gold tissue paper and practicing arts and craft with it. Here goes!

Goin’ Gold, Go Sustainable!

Gold tissue papers are eco friendly in nature. This means that they break down easily under the presence of environmental enzymes and do not pollute the environment.

For this reason, recycling gold tissue papers is a piece of cake, unless there is already a piece of cake on it. In that case, happy snacking! And don’t forget to recycle the gold tissue paper afterwards.

However, although gold tissue paper per se could be environment friendly but the glitter on gold is not. Thus, glittery and sparkly gold tissue papers cannot be recycled. It is therefore recommended that you minimize their usage as much as possible.

To add on, matte gold tissue paper (the kind that gives out a metallic, sleek and modern appeal) contains additives like metallic flakes which are not recyclable either.

On the other hand, regular gold tissue paper and glossy gold tissue paper are eco-friendly and can be used for everyday arts and craft purposes as well without much guilt pertaining to environmental damage.

Hurrah! Thus, from an environment friendly perspective, avoid using matte gold tissue paper and gold tissue paper with glitter on it.

It’s Also Acid-free!

There are certain types of tissue paper that contain elements like chlorine and various other additives that might be harmful for the skin. Au contraire, gold tissue paper does not contain any such harmful chemicals, and maintain their pH at a 7, which is neutral. This means that gold tissue paper is acid free in nature, and it is absolutely okay to use it on your skin.

Here’s a handy tip: While looking for gold tissue papers online, do remember to check whether they are acid free or not before purchasing them. It is usually mentioned under the description section, and often found in the title itself.

Where to buy gold tissue paper online?

Thanks to technology, purchasing anything has become a whole lot easier, including gold tissue paper. There is a variety of gold tissue paper available online, and we do not exaggerate when we say variety.

  • Gold tissue paper with ribbons
  • Gold tissue paper for gift-wrapping
  • Tissue paper with gold stars
  • Tissue paper with gold dots
  • Gold polka dot tissue paper
  • Gold tissue paper with logos
  • Gold and silver tissue paper
  • Rose gold tissue paper
  • Metallic gold tissue paper
  • Gold fleck tissue paper

You get the picture? Told you we were not exaggerating. These are easily available on various websites including Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, UBuy, Etsy and Walmart. You can also go to your nearest stationery supply store and purchase gold tissue paper in bulk and at pocket friendly prices.

Beautiful Ways to Use Gold Tissue Paper

You can use Gold Tissue Paper in various ways and for various purposes. Some prominent ways to use Gold Tissue Paper are listed here:

  • Create wrapped packages by wrapping little gifts with gold tissue paper before tying them with twine or ribbon. This will make anything look special!
  • Line baskets with gold tissue before filling them with treats or other items! You can also create layered rounds by stacking different sizes of containers.
  • Create beautiful table decorations by grouping gold, white, or pale pink flowers inside small containers lined with gold plastic bags or covering clear vases entirely with sheets of gold fabric-tissue paper.
  • Tie multiple rolls together for an easy garland — hang loops around doorways, windows, mantles, banisters…you name it!

Top 10 Types of Gold Tissue Paper Available Online

Well, now that you have some hands-on practical knowledge about what to look for while purchasing gold tissue paper online, let’s see the top 10 types of gold tissue paper available online.

1. Gold Tissue Paper – Gift Wrapping & Gift Bags

This regal set of gold tissue paper is available on Amazon and contains 50 pieces with 10 sheets per design.

Tissue paper with gold stars, tissue paper with gold dots, tissue paper with gold diagonal stripes, gold foil pattern tissue paper and gold tissue paper are all available in a sleek and chic 20 x 27.6 inches.

In essence, this type of gold tissue paper is highly durable and made of superior quality material.

You can not only use these tissue papers for gift-wrapping and home decor, but also decorations for weddings and birthday parties.

In fact, arts, and crafts have been made much easier; thanks to the versatility of gold tissue paper. You can make tissue paper flowers, pom poms, bouquets and what not with this unique blend of matte and gloss.

2. Teemico Polka Dots Tissue Paper

Gifting away that exquisite bottle of champagne?

Well, make your giveaway a haute couture of all that is splendacious by using the gold foil dot metallic wrapping paper. This type of gold tissue paper is available on Amazon in a lavish display of gold polka dots on tissue paper that can be used for an aesthetic display of your gift.

These gold tissue papers are easy to manipulate and can be folded, creased and shaped the way you like. And so apart from champagne bottles, these can also be used for wrapping other items such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and suits.

3. RUSPEPA Gift Wrapping Metallic Gold Tissue Paper

The authentic design  of these fabulous gold tissue papers will sweep you off your feet. The texture often gives a subtle yet crisp display to the gift-wrapping. This gold tissue paper is available on Amazon and comes with a total of 25 sheets each 19 x 27.5 inches in size. They are most;y used for wrapping gifts for the holiday season. They also make for perfect basket liners. And to add the cherry on top, this type of gold tissue paper is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

You know what that means, don’t you? Go wild with your imagination!

4. Luxurious Gold Design Tissue Paper

If you are on the hunt for DIY crafting gold tissue paper, or tissue paper for furniture decoupage or gift-wrapping, Amazon has a splendid collection of mystique gold tissue papers. This is a form of abstract art on tissue paper, with twirling patterns of fluid infused with glitter to create an accentuated texture.

This type of premium quality gold tissue paper is available in different sizes, so suit yourself as per your occasion and dive into a plethora of magnificent and artistic gold tissue papers!

It is available in customizable colors as well, so suit your need and then proceed. When it comes to gift-wrapping, decorating gift bags and gift hampers or wrapping clothes, this type of gold tissue paper works like a charm due to its relatively superior quality and texture.

5. WRAPAHOLIC Metallic Rose Gold Dots Tissue Paper

When it comes to bridal showers, baby showers, gender reveal parties, and when it comes to wrapping baby gifts, Christmas gifts or any other holiday gifts, then metallic rose gold dots tissue paper does a fantastic rescue job.

Amazon sells this type of gold tissue paper in a packet of 24 sheets with each being 19.7 x 27.5 inches in size.

This wrapping paper would perfectly complement a gift hamper, cello bags and even medium to large gift wrapping. In fact, when it comes to baby showers or bridal showers, metallic rose gold tissue paper can be used for making pom poms which make for a really adorable home decor for such gleeful occasions.

6. Hallmark Reversible Black & Gold Wrapping Paper

When it comes to wrapping a Christmas present the size of the Eiffel Tower, or a wide range of arts and craft, this gold tissue paper works best for such events thanks to their large size. This is a reversible wrapping paper set measuring 30 inches by 15 feet. This measures a total of 375 square feet per roll. In fact, this tissue paper, apart from being available in gold, can also be seen in a range of other options.

And due to this versatility and endurance, this gold tissue paper is also used in other activities including origami, DIY gift-wrapping, making paper lanterns and paper flowers, gift decorations and home decoration.

7. Gold White Decorative Metallic Tissue Paper

The 3 Style decorative gold tissue paper comes in three fabulous patterns and a total of 60 sheets with each being 20 x 14 inches in size. It contains 20 sheets of the gold wave pattern tissue paper, 20 sheets of the gold polka dot tissue paper and 20 sheets of gold striped tissue paper.

The paper is durable as it is not so easy to tear and works as a wonderful gift display for wine and champagne bottles. Apart from that, it can also be used for birthday parties, housewarming ceremonies, bridal showers, crafting and even making gift baskets.

8. Tissue Gift Wrapping Paper Crafts Assorted Colors (Golden, Sliver)

This uniquely stylized 160 piece set of black and gold tissue paper is all the hype now! It comes in 6 different patterns with the size of 20 x 20 inches and would certainly suffice your gift-wrapping needs for an extended period of time as they come in bulk. The six patterns or designs are lavishly displayed in gold on a black tissue paper ground and they are – pure black, polka dots, cross stripes, diagonal stripes (singlet lines), waves, and five-pointed stars.

The paper is flat and smooth, breathable and moisture-proof. This is an elegant choice for such festive occasions as graduation, birthdays, and holidays.

Let’s Get Virtual!

Well not that you have learned where to purchase gold tissue paper from, you might be looking for some handy tips that could help you use them a little better. Keeping that in mind, we have dedicated an entire section to that.

Here, you will virtually learn how you can use the gold tissue paper for various arts and craft activities and how to use them when it comes to gift-wrapping, including bottles of wine and champagne. So let’s begin.

Here are the links to a few YouTube tutorials that will help you through the same.

“Metallic Gold and Silver Tissue Paper for Gift Packaging | Nashville Wraps”

Metallic Gold & Silver Tissue Paper for Christmas Packaging | Nashville Wraps

In this YouTube tutorial, you will learn how to use gold and silver tissue paper for packing multiple Christmas presents, all from the small ones to the big ones.

It starts with a description of the type of Christmas cello bags used and to select ones that also match your presents. And you can do all of these with recycled tissue paper and recycled gift-wrapping paper!

This recycled gold tissue paper is used for decorating the bags using the wrist-flick method. What is the wrist-flick method, you wonder? Go click on the link to find out.

“How to Decoupage bottles using gift tissue paper and decorate with gold leaf”

How to Decoupage Bottles Using Gift Tissue Paper and Decorate With Gold Leaf

In this YouTube tutorial, you will learn how to use gift tissue paper for decoupage on bottles. It is easy to work with gift tissue paper for various crafts purposes due to their high absorbent capacity for both glue and water.

  • We will start with using a transparent glass bottle and white/ ivory color and other acrylic paints.
  • Apply 2 coats of the paint and wait till it dries.
  • Then, you will have to use Mod Podge to ensure water resistance and a smooth texture for the application of napkins.
  • A few strokes here and a few strokes there and viola! Your decoupage is ready to be decorated by a gold leaf.

But before getting into that, if you are still confused about how the decoupage works (because there is more than one way) then go ahead and click on the link to learn it the virtual way.

This video also contains some pretty cool ideas about where else you can use tissue paper and decoupage together to create something unique out of it. Tap away and join the journey!

Is gold tissue paper acid free?

Unlike other tissue papers, gold tissue paper is acid free in nature. This means that it does not contain any harmful chemical agents or other elements such as chlorine that have the potential to damage your skin. In fact, gold tissue paper has a pH of 7, or neutral, thus making it acid-free in nature. However, it is still recommended that you cross-check with the person you are purchasing the paper from. If you are buying it online, then you will find it written under the description for the specific gold tissue paper.

Where can I buy gold tissue paper in bulk?

Gold tissue paper is available at any stationery supply store, supermarket, and hypermarket. In fact, it is also available online in a luxurious amount of styles, textures, and designs on websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Etsy and UBuy,

Where can I buy gold tissue paper with a logo?

Alibaba manufactures a superb collection of gold tissue paper with customizable logos and available at pocket-friendly prices. They are also available in different colors, personalized as per your choice and come with a regal appeal. You can also find local tissue paper manufacturers in your area or search on Amazon for the same.

How to use gold tissue paper in a gift bag?

Just fold or roll a strip of gold tissue paper around a gift and secure it with ribbon, lace, or some other decorative accent. You can also just lay a strip on top of your gift like a little extra bow if you prefer less fanfare. Gold tissue paper as table confetti: Spread gold tissue confetti on tables at your wedding reception or any other special event. These little bits of sparkle will add an elegant touch to dinner and cocktail tables alike.

How to use tissue paper in a large gift bag?

Large gift bags are a great alternative if you’re not sure what size of box your present will fit into. Plus, you don’t have to worry about taping it shut—you can just tie it with a bow and call it a day. Large gift bags with tissue paper are an easy way to make a present look extra special: To do so, gently crumple up sheets of gold tissue paper (or any other color) and layer them under the bag’s fillers.

How to fill a gift bag without tissue paper?

Simple gift wrapping can sometimes be made even more beautiful with a little added detail. Try using gold tissue paper as an accent inside a gift bag, or as you wrap up presents around your home. The sheen and shimmer of gold tissue paper is sure to impress any recipient, so don’t be afraid to dress up your gifts! A few simple steps can get you on your way in no time.

How to put tissue paper in a wine gift bag?

If you want a break from routine, but still want your wine gift bag to stand out, then you should use some gold tissue paper. Gold isn’t just for weddings—it can also make an elegant statement when applied on wine bags and other gifts. You might have used colored or patterned tissue paper before, but why not give gold a try? You can try some of the ways of using gold tissue paper that we have mentioned in this article.


Old is Gold but Gold’s Still Gold!

Gold may not be a color for a tissue paper that mixes and mingles with all the other colors. It does its best work when complemented with a black or white tissue paper in the background. With its sparkle, glitter and all its glory, gold tissue paper is used mostly for festive occasions rather than casual holidays.

This is the reason gold tissue paper flower bouquets, pom poms, garlands, and wreaths work best for merry occasions such as baby showers, weddings, bridal showers, birthdays and other ceremonies.

You can learn about the history of gift wrapping on

Hope this guide helped you find what you were looking for!


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