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  • Black Gold Washi Tape

    Black Gold Washi Tape (10)

  • Floral Washi Tape

    Floral Washi Tape (7)

  • Japanese Washi Tape

    Japanese Washi Tape (10)

  • Metallic Washi Tape

    Metallic Washi Tape (7)

  • 30 Rolls Washi Tape,Multi-Colored & Gold Metallic Washi Masking Tape – 8mm x 4m Rainbow Paper Tape for DIY Crafts (Mix)


    30 ROLLS OF FOIL WASHI TAPE – Give all your craft and DIY projects the star treatment! 30 rolls of strong foil paper tape, each with an intensely vivid shine. Make your cell phone cases, storage boxes, and picture frames twinkle, or create sparkling wall art in on-trend metallics. W:8mm x L:4m
    A WHOLE SPECTRUM OF COLOR – Play around with beautiful, enticing colors that shimmer like stardust! There’s glistening golden yellow, hot ruby red, dazzling mermaid green, rich amethyst purple, and all the shades in between. The jewel-like colors have an eye-catching luster you’ll love
    PEEL, APPLY AND REMOVE WITH EASE – Try making a changeable photo wall in your room, switching your snaps around to keep it fresh. The delicate adhesive sticks to any surface but easily peels away without causing damage or residual stickiness

  • 41DU+jKyo7L. SL500 . SS300

    7Rolls/Set Flower Washi Tape Paper Masking Tape for DIY

    Key Features:

    • Variety: 7 rolls of flower-themed washi tape in pink color.
    • Dimensions: Each roll is 1.5cm wide, with 6 rolls measuring 2 meters and 1 roll measuring 1 meter.
    • Creative Designs: Various cute elements printed on the tape for creative projects.
    • Material: Made from high-quality, easy-to-peel washi paper.
    • Versatile: Suitable for decorating, crafting, scrapbooking, journaling, and more.
    • Writable: Can be written on with pen or marker.
    • Bubble-Free: Won’t bubble when applied.
    • Ideal for Occasions: Great for holidays, birthdays, Valentine’s, and daily planners.
    • Customer Support: Contact Koolemon for any defective or damaged products.
  • 41W2pGDbN0L. SL500 . SS300

    Abeillo 3 Pieces Metallic Washi Tape Graphic Art Paper Masking Tapes Set


    3 rolls foil metallic washi tapes per package.

  • 51hs 53piLL. SL500 . SS300

    AEBORN Gold Foil Washi Masking Tape Set

    – AEBORN Black Gold Washi Tape set
    – 10 rolls of washi tape
    – Width: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm
    – Length: 3m
    – Black gold floral design
    – Made of high-quality Japanese paper
    – Environmentally friendly and odorless
    – Sticks to most clean surfaces
    – Removes easily without residue
    – Can be used for various purposes

  • AEBORN Gold Foil Washi Tape Japanese TapeAEBORN Gold Foil Washi Tape Japanese Tape

    AEBORN Gold Foil Washi Tape Japanese Tape – Aesthetic Vintage Japanese Washi Tape

    Key Features:

    • 15 Rolls of Gold Foil Washi Tape in Various Widths
    • High-Quality Japanese Paper Material
    • Eco-friendly and Odorless
    • Professional Japanese Designer Patterns
    • Versatile Use for Bullet Journaling, Crafting, and more
  • AEBORN Cute Animal Washi Tape, Wide Washi Tape Set with Corgi Dog, Panda, Ducks & Pig Patterns, Decorative Washi Tape,AEBORN Cute Animal Washi Tape, Wide Washi Tape Set with Corgi Dog, Panda, Ducks & Pig Patterns, Decorative Washi Tape,

    AEBORN Kawaii Animal Washi Tape

    Key Features:

    • 18 rolls of Kawaii animal-themed washi tape
    • High-quality Japanese paper material
    • Various patterns designed by professional Japanese designers
    • Versatile use for decorating journals, books, planners, and more
    • Easy to stick and remove without residue
    • Environmentally friendly and odor-free
  • 61GIPzgPoNL. SL500 . SS300

    AEBORN Washi Gold Foil Decorative Tape Set

    Key Features:

    • Vintage washi tape set with 18 rolls
    • 6 different widths: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 60 mm
    • Length of 2m per roll
    • New design with butterfly, insect, animal, and floral patterns
    • Made of high-quality Japanese paper material
    • Surface is pastel and color is durable
    • Environmentally friendly material with no odor
    • Can stick to most clean surfaces and remove easily without sticky residue
    • Vibrant design by professional Japanese designers
    • Wide range of uses: card/gift wrapping, scrapbooks, bullet journaling, art projects, and more
    • Satisfaction guarantee with a full refund option
    • Customer service available for assistance
  • 61VZM6rGBVL. SL500 . SS300

    Cheercy Washi Tape – Unique Package Washi Tape, Holiday Washi Tape

    Key Features:

    • 22 rolls of Christmas washi tape
    • Each roll is 0.6 inch wide and 16.4 feet long
    • High-quality Japanese washi paper
    • Adhesive designed for easy tearing and residue-free removal
    • Versatile use for Christmas card decoration, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, and more
    • Unique cartoon patterns and gold foil for special gifts
  • 511mXtTUt3L. SL500 . SS300

    DECORA Washi Masking Tape Collection for Art Crafts Scrapbooking Decorative Pack of 3


    It comes in a set of 3 different flower patterns
    Suitable for Decoration on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Carnival, Easter, Halloween, etc.
    Dimensions: 0.59 inch width x 32.8 feet length

  • Dizdkizd Black Washi Tape Set - 20 Rolls of Gothic Aesthetic Tapes for Arts and CraftsDizdkizd Black Washi Tape Set - 20 Rolls of Gothic Aesthetic Tapes for Arts and Crafts

    Dizdkizd Black Washi Tape Set – 20 Rolls of Gothic Aesthetic Tapes

    Key Features:

    • 20 Rolls of Black Washi Tape with Various Widths
    • Acid-Free, Slightly Transparent Japanese Paper
    • Ideal for Scrapbooking, Bullet Journaling, and Craft Projects
    • Mysterious Galaxy, Moon Phase, and Gothic Dark Theme Designs
    • Great Gift for Papercraft Enthusiasts
  • 51cLR+YEaeL. SL500 . SS300

    HOXBUR 10 Rolls Gold Foil Washi Tape

    Key Features:

    • Mixed size paper tapes: 1cm/0.4in, 1.5cm/0.6in, 2cm/0.8in
    • Quantity: 10 rolls of Japanese washi tape
    • Material: Premium Japanese washi paper with gold foil
    • Bling pattern: Beautiful flower patterns with gilt rim
    • Wide use: Perfect for crafts, scrapbooking, bullet journaling, and more
  • Ieebee-Flower-Washi-Tape-Set-34-Rolls-Floral-Washi-Tapes-for-Journaling-Supplies-25mm-and-15mm-Wide-Decorative-Tape-for-Crafts-Gift-Wrapping-Rose-Sunflower-LavenderIeebee-Flower-Washi-Tape-Set-34-Rolls-Floral-Washi-Tapes-for-Journaling-Supplies-25mm-and-15mm-Wide-Decorative-Tape-for-Crafts-Gift-Wrapping-Rose-Sunflower-Lavender

    Ieebee Flower Washi Tape 34 Rolls Set

    Key Features:

    • 34 rolls of floral washi tape with various beautiful patterns.
    • Two widths: 25mm and 15mm, each roll is 3 meters long.
    • High-quality, durable washi paper material.
    • Adhesive can be easily applied and repositioned without leaving residue.
    • Exquisite packaging, making it a perfect gift for craft lovers.
    • Ideal for decorating cards, gifts, photo frames, vases, and more.
    • Suitable for DIY projects, bullet journals, notebooks, and bookmarks.
  • 51eB UsppTL. SL500 . SS300

    JOSUYA Van Gogh Washi Tape – Vintage Watercolor Washi Masking Tape Set with Gold Foil – Aesthetic Decorative Tape Perfect for Bullet Journal, Scrapbook, DIY Crafts…


    washi tape

  • 61AojqzvB3L. SL500 . SS300

    Kyoto Series Masking Washi Tape Collection for Arts and DIY Crafts, Scrapbooking, Bullet Journal, Planner, Gift Wrapping (Set of 12 Rolls)


    GREAT VALUE SET: 12 rolls of Japanese floral washi tape; washi tapes come in 12 vibrant designs (No Duplicates!) This is a great value for what you get!
    HIGH QUALITY: Made from premium paper, these decorative tapes are repositionable & tearable, and stick to almost any surface but will not leave sticky residue. Each roll of washi tape is 0.59inch (1.5cm) in width x 23ft (7m) in length. Please note that washi tape does not stick well to all surfaces (such as walls) – it is designed to stick lightly and works well for paper, journaling and craft projects.
    BE CREATIVE AND UNIQUE: The prints on the tapes bring you back to summer in Kyoto; this gorgeous collection is perfect for decorating your photo frames, home pieces, paper crafts and planners. Use them to personalize your own stuff!

  • 6191VpW5ejL. SL500 . SS300

    LongSLong Washi Tape Set – 10 Rolls Black

    Key Features:

    1. Variety of Designs: This washi tape set includes 10 rolls with various cute and colorful printed designs, adding creativity and fun to your projects.
    2. High-Quality Material: Made of premium washi paper, this tape can be easily written on with pens or markers and can be torn or cut with ease.
    3. Easy to Use: The gold masking decorative tapes stick well and can be repositioned without leaving residue. They can be torn by hand, making them convenient for any project.
    4. Multiple Uses: Perfect for decorating gifts, diaries, postcards, scrapbooks, cards, planners, and more. It’s also great for kids to develop their imagination and creativity.
  • Lychii Washi Tape Set, 12 Rolls Multi-Pattern Decorative Washi Tape Scrapbook Supplies for DIY, Journals, Daily Planners, Gift Wrapping, Office Party Supplies


    1. PREMUIM MATERIAL: ①Made of high-quality Japanese paper; ②Acid-free; ③Slightly transparent; ④Easy to tear by hand; ⑤Stick well and reposition; ⑥It can also be removed without leaving any residue.
    2. 10 ROLLS IN ONE SET: Our Scrapbooking Washi Tape Set Includes 10 Rolls, Width: 0.39 inch *4 rolls, 0.59 inch *4 rolls, 1.18 inch*2 rolls, Length: 6.56 feet (2m) per roll.
    3. STUNNING GOLD FOIL DESIGNS: Colorful pattern with gold trim, veined, pattern of clear lines, vibrant design gives you creativity, various patterns can provide more choices for your use.

  • 412JCW0bjvL. SL500 . SS300

    Multi-Colored Glitter Washi Tape Set


    【FULL OF MAGIC】 — These tapes are sticky, but not too sticky, no residue, because they are made of paper, so they are hand tearable and we can use them to mark and decor everything, let us DIY your daily stuff;
    【MATERIAL】 — High quality washi paper delicate glitter colors adhesive masking tape self-stick paper rolls, easy to tear;
    【CONTENTS & SIZE】 — Each roll size is 0.2 in. x 21 ft. (5 mm x 6.4 m), totally 12 rolls with different colors;

  • 61a2b4U91lL. SL500 . SS300

    NANYNNU Black Washi Tape Set 27 Rolls

    Key Features of NANYNNU Black Washi Tape:

    • 27 rolls of black and gold washi tape
    • Multiple sizes: 10mm (3 rolls), 15mm (21 rolls), 25mm (3 rolls)
    • Each roll is 3 meters (9.84 feet) long
    • Versatile uses: background decorations, gift wrapping, crafts, journaling, scrapbooking
    • Comes in a reusable washi tape storage box
    • Suitable for border decoration
  • 419Hu4AUOzL. SL500 . SS300

    PATIKIL Metalized Tape 0.59 Inch x 5.5 Yards, 6 Roll Self Adhesive Holographic Foil Mirror Metallic Masking Sticker for DIY Art Craft Wrapping Decor, Assorted Color


    Color: Blue, Pink, Purple, Rose Red, White, Yellow; Material: OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) Film; Width: 15mm/0.59 inch; Length: 5m/5.5 yard/16.4 feet; Packing List: 6 x Crafting Tapes (1 Piece for Each Color)
    Advantage: The metallic prism gradient color plays a good decorative role; The smooth shining surface is water-resistant; Durable with good stickiness; Easy to remove, with no trace residue
    Instruction: 1. Select the tape with the appropriate size; 2. Cut out the desired length; 3. Decoration

  • 314ioV+m pL. SL500 . SS300

    Scotch Washi Tape


    JOURNALING WITH STYLE: Perfect for organizing journals, planners, notebooks and more, with its easy, tear-by-hand usability and plenty of colors and patterns to roll out the fun
    EXPRESS YOURSELF: Organize, personalize and decorate your home–initially repositionable on most surfaces and so easy to work with, the pressure of expensive, intimidating materials is no more
    THAT SPECIAL TOUCH: Exactly what you need to have on-hand whether creatively labeling some upcycled jars, or sealing a sweet message to a friend who needs a kind word

  • slapaflife-50-Rolls-Washi-Tape-Set-Gold-Foil-Flower-Decorative-Adhesive-Tape-for-ScrapbookJournalingScrapbooking-Suppliesslapaflife-50-Rolls-Washi-Tape-Set-Gold-Foil-Flower-Decorative-Adhesive-Tape-for-ScrapbookJournalingScrapbooking-Supplies

    slapaflife Washi Tape Set 50 Rolls

    Key Features:

    • 50 rolls of washi tape with floral and gold foil designs
    • Dual-layered for better protection and easy cutting
    • Various widths including 0.59 inches and 0.2 inches
    • Japanese HD digital printing for vibrant colors
    • Non-toxic and made from premium washi paper

    [Sweet Theme]:An enchanted colorful background washy-tape with romantic floral blooms and light gold foiled accents!This magical light gold foiled sparkle washi tape stickers design on a romantic pink and nchanted light purple-colored background is perfect for your fairytale adventures! Timeless and perfect!
    [Versatile Use]: Original washi tapes set from SLAPAFLIFE now come in dual layers for better protection of our premium prints. It will also allow for easier and cleaner cut or tear..This washy-tape have two different widths size include 0.59 inches (15mm) x 40rolls in width and 0.2 inches (5mm) x 10 rolls in width. Each rolls of tape is 10 feet (3m) in length.

  • 51zjYLHYu7L. SL500 . SS300

    Tesuivra washi Tape


    Huge value: 15 mm (0.6 inches) wide x 3 meters (118 inches) long, 10 rolls (total length: 118 feet), colorful and children friendly, it can bring you unlimited joy in handicraft creation.
    No residue: it has enough viscous and can be placed on almost any surface. The glitter on the surface will not fall off and non-stick so it won’t leave a mess on your hands.
    Easy to use: washi tape is made of high-quality , non-toxic paper, and it can be easily torn off by hand.Can be easily repositioned if it’s tiled by mistake,you can simply pill it off and retape.

  • 613EuOq7AFL. SL500 . SS300

    Tinlade Washi Tape Set – 9 Rolls

    Key Features:

    • Includes 9 rolls of washi tape stickers in various patterns.
    • Sizes range from 10mm to 30mm, providing options for different projects.
    • Made of durable and reliable washi paper material.
    • Self-adhesive design for easy application on clean, flat surfaces.
    • Elegant gold and black design with moons, stars, and butterfly patterns.
    • Suitable for decorating journals, scrapbooks, gift wrapping, and more.
  • 61Ni7hbWhDL. SL500 . SS300

    VEINARDYL 10 Rolls (Totally 98ft/30m) Vintage Washi Tape Set, Chinese Culture Style Masking Tape Nostalgic Style Decor Sticker for DIY Craft Scrapbooking Bullet Journal Planner Gift Wrapping


    10 VINTAGE DESIGN TAPES – Set of 10 rolls of paper tape with different patterns, each roll is 9.8ft/3m in length, designed with ancient Chinese culture as the base, including ancient Chinese landscape paintings, literary texts, seals, etc.
    PREMIUM MATERIAL – This washi tape is made of high-quality washi paper, with a clear pattern and a smooth texture. The set contains different patterns and sizes to meet all your needs, with a total length of 98ft/30m, much more than other tapes.
    MULTI-PURPOSE – This masking tape set can be used to wrap gifts, decorate your junk journals, planners, handbooks, calendars, vases, photo frames, cards, bullet journals, scrapbooks, and more. Or use it to refresh old items, home, office decor and anything you think of.

  • VEYLIN 10 Roll Luxury Black Gold Washi Tape

    Key Features:

    • 10 rolls of shiny black gold washi tape
    • Tearable paper with removable glue
    • Each tape is 5m (16.4 inches) long and 15mm wide
    • 10 different stylish patterns
    • Versatile usage for various crafts and decorations
  • 51OHLheDJUL. SL500 . SS300

    VEYLIN 10 Rolls Gold Foil Washi Tape

    Key Features:

    • 10 rolls of gold foil washi tape with various patterns
    • Sizes: 2cm/0.8in, 1.5cm/0.6in, and 1cm/0.4in width
    • Each roll is 3m/3.28 yards long
    • Made of premium washi paper and gentle adhesive
    • Easy to tear off from the roll and apply
    • Suitable for decorating bullet journals, scrapbooks, and crafts
    • Can be used for gift wrapping, beautifying makeup products, and home/office decor
    • Not recommended for use on plastic or smooth textures
    • Colors may appear more translucent when applied to paper
    • Easy to remove without residue or damage to surfaces
  • 61s7V46FUkL. SL500 . SS300

    Vintage Washi Tape Set 42 Rolls

    • Product Name: 42 Rolls Vintage Washi Tape Set
    • Color: Gold
    • Material: Washi Paper
    • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
    • Packaging: Comes in a vintage box suitable for gifting
    • Roll Dimensions: Varying widths from 5mm to 75mm, each roll is 9.84 feet long
    • Designs: Features vintage designs including plants, flowers, figures, architecture, mushrooms, letters, and more
    • Foiling: Includes 3 rolls with beautiful and intricately fused gold foiling
    • Durability: Made of high-grade durable materials, can be repositioned and torn without leaving sticky residue
    • Application: Perfect for scrapbooking, bullet journals, photo albums, day-planners, diaries, handmade cards, file folders, home decoration, bookmarks, envelopes, gift wrapping, postcards, boxes & packages, menus, letters, maps, thank you notes, school projects, and more
    • Quantity: 42 rolls in various widths and designs
    • Storage: Vintage box packaging can be used as a storage box after using the tape
  • VIVIQUEN 20 Rolls Flower Washi Tape Set: Colorful Craft Tape for DIY ProjectsVIVIQUEN 20 Rolls Flower Washi Tape Set: Colorful Craft Tape for DIY Projects

    VIVIQUEN 20 Rolls Flower Washi Tape Set: Colorful Craft Tape for DIY Projects

    Key Features:

    • 20 rolls of vibrant floral washi tape
    • Made from high-quality, eco-friendly washi paper
    • Each roll is 15mm wide and 4 meters long
    • Repositionable, tearable, and sticks well to various surfaces
    • Perfect for bullet journaling, gift wrapping, and creative crafting
  • 51qu7ckE9OL. SL500 . SS300

    VIVIQUEN Gold Washi Tape Set

    SIZE & DESIGN: This nature flower pattern design washi tape with gold foil printed (6 rolls x 15mm + 12 rolls x 7.5mm wide).
    PACKING: Totall 18 rolls in different design, each roll of washi tape is 3M (9.8feet)in length.
    SIMPLE TO USE: Easy to tear without leaving behind glue and can be torn easily without the aid of tools. If tiled wrongly, just pull up and paste again, it will not leave any glue stains! you can even write on the tapes.

  • WAPETASHI Cute Washi Tape Set – 24 Rolls Kawaii Animals Gold Foil Decorative Masking Tape for Journaling, Scrapbooking, Kids DIY Crafts, Aesthetic Supplies, Planners, Bullet Journal


    TWO SIZES – 24 rolls, 7.5mm*12 rolls (9/16 in), 1.5cm*12 rolls (5/16 in), 10 feet long (3m)
    PET PARTY – Each roll is carefully designed with animals & bronzing Embellishment. Lovely friends: dog, cat, Shiba Inu, koala, rabbit, bear, etc
    VARIOUS USES – Stickers for journaling, School supplies, Bullet journal. Imagination: Gifts Wrapping, Greeting Cards, Craft adhesive, Phone Cases. Kids and adults can’t refuse this anime washi tape