Paper has dominated the world of craft for decades now. Be it the edgy intricacies of origami by professionals or topsy-turvy arts and crafts by children; there is always a novel way to use paper.

Crafting Paper Buying Guide - All types of paper

Moreover, the ease with which it is available, and its inexpensive purchase, are the cherries on top. Paper can be used to create some sleek and chic arts and crafts items, and we are here to guide you through the same.

Let’s grow beyond what millennials call ‘basic’ and indulge ourselves in a creative exploration of types of paper when it comes to arts and crafts.

Now, you must be thinking, is the type of paper really that important when it comes to art and crafts?

Bet you could orchestrate a scheme to create most of the arts and crafts with just one type of paper.

Well, here is why you should not.

Why the hype around the type?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there is a spectrum of varieties when it comes to paper. All the paper geeks would agree to this. And obviously the types exist for a reason, multiple reasons, actually. So why in fact should you care about the quality of the paper you are using?

Well, the quality or type of paper that you use is highly dependent on the type of project you are doing.

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Origami Paper

Let’s take an example to simplify this. For origami, the type of paper used would be much different than the paper used in, say, making greeting cards. In fact, greeting cards use cardstock paper which is usually thicker than regular paper but thinner than cardboard paper. This is further discussed in the sections that follow. While on the other hand, origami paper is thin yet sturdy.

And so it is important to keep in mind that using a paper that is not meant for a particular crafting activity could result in many fallbacks. Here are a few of them:

  • The craft item could be easily torn if the paper is does not hold enough strength.
  • The craft item could not take the color well and now your entire piece is dampened and soggy.
  • The craft item could not hold the adhesive well and the strip of paper that you used keeps falling off.

Different Types of Papers Used in Arts and Craft

Now that we are aware of the importance of type of paper used when it comes to arts and crafts, let’s see what are the different types of papers and what are their uses.

There are also a few guidelines that will help you give an idea about the type, weight and other such details of the type of paper.

paper weight v grammage chart
Paper Weight Vs. Grammage Chart for Easy Reference

Here is a list of 14 types of paper eligible and recommended for arts and crafts:

1. Copy Paper

Copy paper is what we know as ‘paper’. This type of printer paper or copier paper is white in color and weighs 20 lb or 24 lb. It is also commonly referred to as ‘xerographic paper’ or ‘laser bond’. It does sound pretty simple, but it has some pretty unique and exquisite uses that you may have been unaware of.

Amazon Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inch 20Lb Paper - 8 Ream Case (4,000 Sheets), 92 GE Bright White
Copy Paper

The reason behind copy paper’s diverse feasibility is that it can be printed upon. There are not a lot of papers easily suitable for this option. This makes it more convenient to use copy paper.

However, there are a few downsides to using this type of paper. This paper lacks luster, i.e., it lacks the sleek glimmer of glossy paper as its texture is matte. To add on, it is difficult to craft something wavering as light as a feather out of it. Conversely, it is also equally difficult to make something stiff and sturdy out of it.


Our recommended use for copy paper is origami, decoupage, quilling, printing and other types of folded paper crafts.

2. Scrapbook Paper

Scrapbook paper is usually printed using any pattern and is therefore also called patterned paper. This is the type of paper commonly found in craft stores and comes in a varied range of colors and patterns. The pattern or image is usually on one side of the sheet of paper and is occasionally accompanied by glitter or embossing.

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Scrapbook Paper


Patterned paper, or scrapbook paper can be used for making scrapbooks, cards and other types of flat decorative paper crafts.

3. Cardstock Paper

If you did not know, then ‘cards’ is actually an acronym for cardstock paper. So this would be your go-to resort when you would like to craft a decorative and creative cards. Cardstock paper is comparatively less flexible and is prone to wear and tear if and when tried to manipulate it, especially through folding. Furthermore, cardstock paper can also be printed upon, which makes it all the more feasible.

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Cardstock Paper


Cardstock paper is primarily used for 3D crafts (such as making flowers, bags or boxes), making cut-outs and cuttables.

4. Kraft Paper

Have you seen those brown paper bags available at most of the grocery stores? Yes, you guessed correct. That is kraft paper. You can easily buy rolls or reels of kraft paper from any stationery store. It is not a high quality paper as it is made out of leftover pulp in the process of making paper.

Although, it still manages to pull off this distinctive rustic appeal that pleases the eye with its minimalistic synchronicity. It is used in craft rooms for making patterns, and other simple school crafts where the quality of the paper is not a concern.

51tsQ6pl4AS. SL500
Kraft Paper


Kraft paper can be used for patterns, decorative paper crafts that are minimalist in nature and other budget-friendly crafts.

5. Textured Paper

Almost all sorts of cardstock papers and some other lighter papers are can be seen with certain surface textures. The most commonly used texture is a crosshatch which in appearance is similar to linen. This induces a classic linen look that makes the texture authentic. Other commonly found textures included raised dots, stripes/ lines and glitter. You can easily get lighter weight linen like textured paper at office supply stores.

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Textured Paper


Textured paper can be used with 3D decorative crafts, which only add texture and sleek designs to the entirety of the craft.

6. Metallic Paper

Metallic paper comes with a finesse of metallic finish on the surface of the paper, which in turn can be used to create some truly inspiring craft items. The sheen and shimmer on the surface of this type of paper is exquisite, and some of them can be found having unusual textures such as embossed.

While purchasing metallic paper, do keep in mind that not all metallic papers look metallic – some of these may have a pearlescent screen. This glimmer is dependent on the amount of metallic flakes used while processing the paper. Metallic papers are available in both cover weights and text, thus making them versatile.

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Metallic Paper


Metallic paper can be used in crafts that require a sleek depth or pop, such as 3D crafts, rolled flowers, making models and cards.

7. Gloss Paper

As the name suggests, gloss paper is glossy in nature. At times, it can also have a spot (UV) gloss in inventive and decorative patterns. It adopts almost all the characteristics of our day-to-day regular use paper, except that it may be difficult for some inks to stick to certain glosses. This entirely depends on the type of gloss being used.


Gloss paper should be is used in various arts and crafts techniques, and is primarily used for decorative crafts and cards. It will be effective almost anywhere to make a bold statement.

8. Marbled Paper

You may have engulfed into the royal taste of marble cake. Now relish the creative spectrum of arts and crafts with the use of marbled paper. Authentic marbled paper is made by combining color with a preservative fluid and is carefully transferred on to a sheet of paper.

You can make this at home, or get printed marbled paper that comes with its own perks.

Remember that premium quality marbled paper comes printed on cardstock paper, as it needs to be able to absorb the color being poured onto it; without deforming or wrinkling.

61DHlXPiJvL. SL500
Marbled Paper


Traditionally, marbled paper has been used in making books and invites for decades now. It can also be used as a replacement for almost any type of craft that requires the use of medium paper or cardtsock paper.

9. Crêpe paper

You may have come across crêpe papers in those traditional party streamers, but there is so much more to them. Crêpe paper is different than tissue paper in the sense that it is more opaque (as you will not be able to see through it very well) and wrinkly.

In fact, here is a fun fact about crêpe paper:

Crêpe paper is made by sticking together layers of tissue paper and then creased.
Crêpe paper is flexible and stretches brilliantly. Even though you cannot use inkjet or laser print on crêpe paper, you can color and sign it by hand. Its texture is reminiscent of the rustic life of plants.

That is the reason behind its popularity while creating realistic plant replicas out of paper. A type of crêpe paper – Italian crêpe paper – is all the rage these days due to its luxurious, pliable and thick appeal. Crêpe papers are available in almost any color, and some of them even have metallic finishes.


Crêpe paper can be used while making pom-poms, paper flowers, paper sculptures such as piñatas, wreaths, bouquets, wedding decorations and even crafting butterflies.

10. Vellum

Vellum is a type of exquisite and translucent paper, typically made out of cotton. If you hold up a sheet of vellum against a window, it will project a soft light through it. If you are looking for an ombre effect while crafting, you can achieve this effect by sticking two or a few sheets of vellum together.

Vellum is suitable for tracing designs due to its translucent texture. You also need to know that vellum is not available in a spectrum of colors – mostly in the shades of gold, white and silver.

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Vellum can be used for various crafting various items (pun intended), such as invitations, cards, scrapbooking and transferring or tracing images.

11. Watercolor Paper

Don’t be deceived by the name. You might assume that watercolor paper is only used with watercolor paints, but that is not true. Cold-pressed watercolor paper consists of an unusual texture, or ‘tooth’ and thickness that make for a unique crafting paper. And of course, it absorbs both color and water well as it is after all watercolor paper. For more versatility, watercolor paper is available in both translucent and opaque versions.

31faZQSVT0L. SL500 . SS768
Watercolor Paper


Watercolor paper can be used for crafting paper plants and flowers, lanterns, pinwheels and while making other illustrations.

12. Rag Paper

Rag paper usually contains a certain amount of fiber in it, mostly cotton or linen. It is due to this reason that rag paper has extraordinary strength and flexibility. In fact, rag paper is used by the government of the United States of America to make paper money. Rag paper usually comes with a textured surface, but it is not true for all times.

Rag paper shares some profound similarities with watercolor paper, and tends to be archival in nature. This means that it can be stored for longer durations of time without much wear and tear.


Rag paper can be used to make paper flowers, plants and other paper oriented crafts that need to be stored for longer durations of time.

13. Adhesive Paper

Adhesive paper, also popularly referred to as sticker paper, comes with a layer of adhesive backing on one side. So obviously this type of paper is used in making stickers. This is solely due to the reasons that adhesive paper is easy to be placed into a printer and cut out in the shape of your choice.

This gives you the flexibility to decide any shape, form or type of sticker or seal that you would like to be tailored as per your needs. Sticker paper is usually available in white, but there are also some available that are completely clear.

Adhesive Paper


Adhesive papers are used for customizing and creating personalized stickers.

14. Foil Paper

Foil paper is made out of a thin layer of foil and therefore hold the shape of any item or object. Therefore, it is perfect for structural 3D crafts as well as embossing. Moreover, you can put foil paper through printers, which only makes them more feasible and flexible in use.

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Foil Paper


Foil paper, as mentioned earlier, is primarily used for most of the 3D crafts, relief crafts and embossing.

Let’s Get Virtual!

If you are intrigued by the varieties of papers available, then we are certain you will be fascinated by what is about to come. Have you ever tried making handmade paper at home? If not, then here is a YouTube link to help you figure out a way to do it.

How I make my handmade paper?

In this YouTube tutorial, you will learn how to make handmade paper using strips of recycled paper, water, scale, scissors, glue and mold and deckle. The entire video is subtitled rather than verbal, which adds an aesthetic appeal to it.


Where can I get paper for crafting?

There are various places available where you can find paper for crafting. Most of the stationery stores and office supply stores are abundant with varieties of paper. If you would like a hassle-free purchase and slightly more options, then you can resort to websites such as Amazon and Flipkart. They have a massive collection of all types of paper available at great prices.

Can I use watercolors on sticker paper?

No, we recommend you to not use watercolors on sticker paper. Sticker paper has a water repelling surface, or ‘tooth’ which would make it very difficult for the colors to form ground on the paper, and they would just slide off due to the smooth and frictionless surface of sticker paper.

What is vellum?

Vellum is a type of crafting paper that is translucent in nature and made out of cotton. It is a type of archival paper that can be used to store documents for a linger duration of time such that there is minimum wear and tear to the quality of the paper.


There are an endless number of opportunities when you combine paper and crafting together. If you know which types of paper suit your needs the best, or would perk up your project, then it is only made easier for you.

Moreover, with the vibrant shades, royal textures and epic glory that papers bring to the field of crafting, almost anything is possible.

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