Learn how to easily draw a Girl’s Face and find some amazing facts about Girls

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Learn to Draw a Girl’s Face

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Draw A Girl – Step-by-Step

When you want to learn how to draw a Girl’s Face, the best place to start is with a drawing sheet. This will help you get an idea of the proportions and basic structure of whatever it is you’re trying to draw. Plus, it can be really fun to add your own details and personalize your drawing!

Go through this step-by-step drawing guide for kids before you start to draw.

Supplies You Would Need

Draw a Girl’s Face

Learn how to draw a girl’s face easily. You can draw and color it in on the page below. You can follow the grid lines to sketch out your perfect drawing of a girl with relative ease. Just follow the original image above and continue on with your drawing. Try to match them as closely as possible!

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Draw a Girl’s Face

How to Use this Image

You can right-click on this image and Save As the image on your computer or device.

You can take a printout of this printable on an A4 sheet and use this as your coloring sheet.

Download the Coloring Sheet – Learn to Draw a Girl’s Face

You can download this sheet and take a print-out to draw a girl’s face.

Rate your drawing. You can give stars to your own drawing.

Try practicing till you give yourself a 5-star for your drawing.

Strange and Interesting Facts About Girls

If you think you know everything there is to know about girls, you’re bound to be surprised by some of these facts about girls that are so fascinating and downright interesting, you may find yourself wondering why you hadn’t heard them before.

Are you ready to learn all about what makes girls the way they are?

Here are 22 facts about girls that just might surprise you!

Draw a Girl's Face, free printables, download printables for kids,
Draw a Girl’s Face
  1. Girls are stronger than boys.
  2. They have a better sense of smell.
  3. Women can read maps better than men.
  4. Girls don’t like horror movies.
  5. They play with toys differently than boys.
  6. Girls are more likely to fear bugs.
  7. Female drivers are better at parking.
  8. Girls fake orgasms as often as guys do.
  9. Girls shave their legs more often than guys do.
  10. Girls are more likely to lie on the phone in order to get what they want.
  11. Girls are more likely than boys to be diagnosed with anxiety and depression.
  12. On average, girls enter puberty six months to two years earlier than boys.
  13. Girls are more likely to suffer from eating disorders and body image issues.
  14. Girls tend to outperform boys in school, especially in reading and writing skills.
  15. The average woman’s face is two-thirds the size of a man’s.
  16. Women have more active fat cells than men, which is why they are more prone to cellulite.
  17. On average, women have 20% more nerves in their face than men. This is why they are more sensitive to pain and can feel more pain than men can.
  18. Women have a higher concentration of scent receptors than men, which is why they are better at smelling things.
  19. Women have a higher chance of being left-handed than men. This is because the gene that determines handedness is on the X chromosome, and women have two X chromosomes, while men have one X and one Y chromosome.
  20. Women make up just over half of the world’s population, but they hold less than 20% of all parliamentary seats globally.
  21. Two thirds of the world’s illiterate adults are female.
  22. Female workers represent 47% of the total US labor force, but only 36% of managers and 15% CEOs.


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