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Learn to Draw a Face

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Draw A Face – Step-by-Step

When you want to learn how to draw a face, the best place to start is with a drawing sheet. This will help you get an idea of the proportions and basic structure of whatever it is you’re trying to draw. Plus, it can be really fun to add your own details and personalize your drawing!

Go through this step-by-step drawing guide for kids before you start to draw.

Supplies You Would Need

  1. Good quality drawing sheet (You can download the drawing template PDF here for free)
  2. Good quality pencils.
  3. Eraser
  4. Color Pencils
  5. Outline markers (Check the List of Supplies page)

Draw a Face

Learn how to draw a face. You can draw and color it in on the page below. You can follow the grid lines to sketch out your perfect face with relative ease. Just follow the original image above and continue on with your drawing. Try to match them as closely as possible!

how to draw a face
Learn to Draw a Face

Download the Coloring Sheet

You can download this sheet and take a print-out to draw your beautiful face.

Rate your drawing. You can give stars to your own drawing.

Try practicing till you give yourself a 5-star for your drawing.

Strange and Interesting Facts About Faces

  • The average person has about 32 teeth, but humans can have anywhere from 0 to 3 sets of teeth (called supernumerary teeth) in their lifetime.
  • The enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance in your body.
  • Teeth are not made of bone, but rather a type of dentin called enameloid.
  • The jawbone is the hardest bone in the human body.
  • There are more than 20 muscles in the face.
  • The eyebrow hair grows faster than any other hair on the body.
  • Each eyeball has about 2.5 million tiny hexagonal shaped cones that absorb light and color and send signals to the brain to create the images we see everyday.
  • In three-dimensional space, there are 18 major facial expressions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise, confusion and contempt.
  • Humans produce an average of 10 pints of saliva per day which accounts for up to 30% of all water excreted by the body.
  • Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our noses and ears never stop growing.
  • It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown.
  • We have about 2 million sweat glands, which can produce up to a pint of sweat each day.

There are hundreds of coloring pages for kids. You can visit the pages and download them. You can take a printout of these drawings and can have real fun with them!

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You can visit Wikipedia if you want to learn a lot about faces.


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