There was a time when textbooks were the only mode of learning. But with more emphasis on practical and realistic implications of education in the 21st century, common methods of learning now include flashcards, worksheets and other paper-mache activities.

They do not just limit learning to words but make it a more engaging and creative process.

And if you are a teacher determined on making the best out of the limited yet handy tools available around you, then paper cutters are one of the things you should definitely consider investing in.

Here is a guide that will help you combine all the information necessary when thinking of paper cutters to buy, stylized, and utilized with utmost caution.

Though this article is titled Best Paper Cutters For Teachers And Parents, I am sure this article is going to benefit everyone interested in a paper cutter.

What is a paper cutter?

Before we dive into figuring out which paper cutter would suit you best, let’s first discuss what exactly is a paper cutter.

Paper cutter, often referred to as a paper trimmer, paper guillotine or just guillotine is a device widely used in offices and classrooms to trim large stacks of paper with one swift swing. In a classroom, it is not only used for making flashcards or worksheets while teaching, but also arts and crafts-related purposes.

best paper cutter for teachers

How does a paper cutter work?

There are a variety of paper cutters available from manual to electronic.

In the field of teaching, the most commonly used paper cutters are the Guillotine Paper Cutters. This is due to their ease of use, safety measures, and the volume of papers they can trim in a minimum amount of time.

However, you still need to be careful while using a paper cutter or else you might end up injuring yourself due to its sharp guillotine blade.

If you have never come across a guillotine paper cutter, then you can browse through the list below and search for one to get a better idea of what it looks like. On the other hand, if you already own a guillotine paper cutter, then you may proceed reading further on how it works.

But safety first! Ensure that your paper cutter has a rail guard covering its blade or comes with finger guards to limit injury.

Now we are all set to dig into the mechanics of how a paper cutter works.

  • Each paper trimmer or cutter has a cutting capacity. Please ensure that you stick to it or else the blade might go blunt faster than expected or worse, the cutter might break. Not only this, cutting too many papers in one go might give the paper rough edges! So, if you need to cut a large volume of papers, then it is recommended to pile them up in stacks in accordance with the cut capacity of the cutter.
  • Now, place the stack of papers at the base of the cutter. It most likely will have a measuring grid built on it. Measure as per your choice. Some paper cutters come with other features such as angular cuts, blades with different patterns of cutting etc. Take advantage of the available features on your paper cutter and keep the papers in place for cutting.
  • Before you get to the cutting, make sure your hand is out of the way as the blade of guillotine paper cutters is very sharp. Now, just bring down the blade and begin cutting the paper.
  • Viola! Your neatly cut stacks of paper are ready to use.

Caution: Please ensure that you cover up the blade with the rail guard after you are done. This is extremely important to avoid any unwanted damage.

Which is the best paper cutter?

Well, from the variety of paper cutters available, it may be difficult to cut down (pun intended) the best ones. We have made that process easier for you by creating a hierarchy of paper cutters, each unique in its own way.

Here is my list of the top 6 best paper cutters for teachers and parents, that I have summed up after a good detailed discussion with my teacher friends and some parents:

1. Swingline Paper Trimmer

Swingline Paper Trimmer is a guillotine-like paper trimmer with a 12-inch cut length.

Its capacity, or the number of sheets it can cut in one go, varies from 10 to 15 sheets depending on the model you purchase.

This is known to be the best paper cutter for crafts.

The sharp guillotine blade ensures a smooth and hassle-free cut, which is attached to an easy-to-use alignment grid. It also has a sturdy base made out of plastic, which makes transporting it easier.

It is an ideal paper cutter for elementary school teachers as it can also be used at home. This will definitely make your work easier if you need to make flashcards for a lecture the day before.

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2. Fiskars Recycled Bypass Trimmer

Go green with Fiskars Recycled Bypass Trimmer! The deck of this trimmer is made of recyclable materials. This would pass on a positive message to your students about recycling and its impact on the environment. It also has grid line measurements of 1/16 inches to make cutting easier.

Its self-sharpening blade only helps make the process easier. Thus, it is the best paper cutter for home use.

The base of this cutter is 12 inches in length and it has a cut capacity of 15 sheets. There is a built-in cutting arm lock for easy storage and transportation purposes.

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3. Fiskars Surecut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer

Fiskars Surecut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer, as the name suggests, is a highly recommended trimmer for arts and crafts, and is also the best paper cutter for scrapbooking. This is primarily because it can slice through 10 sheets of paper with smooth edgy and precise trims.

It is majorly used to trim a variety of craft sheets such as scrapbook papers, photos, and other special papers.

It also has a Surecut cutline which makes it easier to measure the placements of trims thus promoting accuracy.

The Patented Triple Track System located on the trimmer interlocks both the rail and the blade for smooth cuts.

Apart from that, the self-leveling swing-out arm also helps trim large sheets of paper with precision.

The 12-inch base contains a permanent grid of measurements, and rubberized extremes of the trimmer provide stability. It is a lightweight trimmer and thus is easily portable.

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4. Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer

Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer comes with a 12-inch blade that takes an alternative approach to paper cutting.

You might be accustomed to the traditional guillotine-style paper cutters, but the Rotary Paper Trimmer comes with a chic blue and gray look made out of steel and plastic.

This combination of materials adds sturdiness and stability to the paper cutter.

There comes a separate set of blades with 11 different cutting patterns which adds a pinch of creativity. For this purpose, it is renowned not only for educational purposes but also for arts and crafts. It also features a preset measurement for commonly used sizes.

It has a cut capacity of 10 sheets and is easy to store and transport.

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5. HFS Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter

As a teacher, if you have some strenuous paper cutting to do, then you should resort to the Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter.

This is the best paper cutter to buy if you want to slice up to 400 pieces of paper in one go which is an equivalent of a textbook.

It puts an even pressure throughout the stack to avoid paper shift.

Thus, it is also referred to as the best paper cutter for bookbinding.

It also has a mobile fence, which can be fixed to one position to cut multiple stacks of paper with similar proportions. The arm of the fence stays up until moved otherwise for safety purposes. A sturdy guard guards the blade on the fence at all times. The steel blade of this paper cutter is sharp, but can also be easily replaced after much wear and tear.

It also has an in-built grid at the 12-inch base with measurements written under it. This eases the process of both calculated paper cuts and rough paper cuts.

Due to its mildly heavy weight, it may not be easy to transport. However, transportation with careful implementation can be done if need be.

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6. Jielisi A4 Automatic Safeguard Guillotine Trimmer

The Jielisi A4 Trimmer is not only used to trim A4-sized paper but also A2, A3, A5 papers, photos, labels, cards, and so on. It can easily trim through thicker sheets of paper trimmed at various angles, from 45 degrees to 90 degrees.

Due to this feature, it is most popular for arts and crafts purposes in schools and is the best paper cutter for cardmaking.

It also contains grid lines for precise measurements and trimming and its sleek and light design makes it a portable trimmer.

Apart from that, it comes with a latch hook lock and rail guard to protect its users from rampant injuries.

The sturdy and versatile 12-inch trimmer also comes with an extra set of blades for further use.

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Why is my paper cutter not cutting properly?

There can be several reasons why a paper cutter may not be cutting properly.

Here are some common causes and solutions:

  • Dull blade: If the blade is dull, it may not be able to cut through paper smoothly. You can try sharpening the blade or replacing it with a new one.
  • Misaligned blade: If the blade is not aligned properly, it may cause the paper to shift during cutting, resulting in uneven cuts. You can adjust the blade alignment according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Incorrect cutting technique: If you are not using the cutter correctly, it may cause the paper to tear or crumple. Make sure you are applying enough pressure and using a smooth, continuous motion when cutting.
  • Too much paper: If you are trying to cut too many sheets of paper at once, the cutter may not be able to handle the load. Try cutting fewer sheets at a time.
  • Damaged cutting surface: If the cutting surface of the paper cutter is damaged or worn out, it may cause the blade to slip or drag, resulting in uneven cuts. You can replace the cutting surface if it is damaged.

If none of these solutions work, it may be time to replace your paper cutter.

How to sharpen a paper cutter blade?

Now let’s dig into the latter part of owning a paper cutter. What happens after the paper cutter blade tears down? It might result in scathy and rough edges of the paper, not cut the stacks of paper as mentioned in the initial capacity and whatnot. So, it is necessary to sharpen the blade of your paper cutter after the wear and tear.

sharpen paper cutter blade
Sharpened Paper Knife

This can be done easily at home and is very similar to sharpening a knife. Here are different methods that you can use to sharpen the blade on your paper cutter:

  • Using a stone

For this method, you would require a whetstone or a grindstone of at least 1,000 grits. The more the number of grits, the finer, and faster the process of sharpening will be. Start stroking the blade with the stone and try to maintain an angle of 20 degrees throughout.  It may be difficult, so you can use adjustable jigs to ensure proper sharpening.

After you are done stroking, measure the sharpness of the blade against a stack of papers.

  • Ask a professional

If you want a hassle free installation of the blade, then you can also ask a professional to do it for you. It could be because you have not done anything like this before and would like some professional consultation.

In most urban areas, these services are easily available at hardware stores and other places. You just need to look for them.

  • Have a spare

If you consider buying a paper cutter, it is always handy to have a spare for further use. You can also get them online post your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best paper cutter of 2023?

best paper cutter for teachers

Swingline ClassicCut Lite has been labeled the best paper cutter of 2023. This is primarily because of its versatility, easy-to-use features and compatibility.
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What is a paper cutter called?

A paper cutter is often referred to as ‘guillotine’ or a ‘paper guillotine’.

Will a paper cutter cut vinyl?

Yes, a paper cutter can easily trim through vinyl. This is valid for all the paper trimmers available.

Will a paper cutter cut fabric?

Yes, a paper cutter can be used to cut fabric. Although, the process is slightly different. In order to cut a strip of fabric, you need to place the cutter on top of the fabric and align the edge of the fabric with the length you would like to cut.

Will a paper cutter cut vinyl tile?

Yes, a paper cutter can cut through a vinyl tile. However, it is recommended that you use a vinyl tile cutter rather than a paper cutter for accurate and precise cuts.

Will a paper cutter cut cardboard?

Yes, a paper cutter can easily slice through cardboard. However, you should be careful with the amount of cardboards you use in one go. Cardboards are a tad bit thicker than paper and so if one paper cutter can cut 10 sheets of paper in one go, it will mostly likely cut 2 or 3 pieces of cardboard in one go.

Will a paper cutter cut foam board?

Yes, a paper cutter can easily cut through foam board.

Can a vinyl cutter cut paper?

Yes, a vinyl cutter can cut paper similar to how a paper cutter can cut vinyl.

Why is a paper cutter used?

A paper cutter is used to cut volumes of paper in a minimal amount of time required. This can be done for various purposes such as making flashcards, worksheets and arts and crafts.

Why sharpen a paper cutter blade?

The blade of any paper cutter needs to be sharpened over time. This is done to ensure there are no rough paper edges post the cutting and it is done in a one swift and smooth swing.

How much does a paper cutter cost?

The cost of a paper cutter varies from $11 and can go as high as $99. This mostly depends on the type of paper cutter you want, its cut capacity and availability.

What is the best paper cutter for scrapbooking?

Fiskars Surecut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer is the best paper cutter for scrapbooking because it can smoothly slice 10 to 15 sheets of paper with a hassle free cut. Its rubberized bottom helps it stay at one place thus making the process all the more efficient.

What is the best paper cutter for cardmaking?

Jielisi A4 Automatic Safeguard Guillotine Trimmer is the best paper cutter for cardmaking. This is because it can slice A2, A3, A4 and A5 sheets along with scrapbooks, photo paper and other special materials at various angles, ranging from 45 degrees to 90 degrees. This gives the papers a unique edge, perfect for cardmaking.

Which is the best paper cutter for bookbinding?

HFS Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter is the best paper cutter for bookbinding because it can cut up to 400 pages in one go.

What is the difference between a paper cutter and a paper trimmer?

A paper cutter is mostly used for cutting bulky stacks of paper, like 300 or 400 sheets of paper in one go. On the other hand, a trimmer is used for less bulky cutting, and its capacity is limited to at most 20 sheets of paper. This also depends on the type of cutter or trimmer you are buying.

What is the best paper cutting machine?

Although it may be difficult to narrow it down, the Swingline Classiccut Lite is considered to be the best paper cutting machine due to its affordability, ease of use and versatility. It is also lightweight and easily transportable.

Will a paper cutter cut be felt?

Yes, the paper cutter blade is very sharp and if you accidentally injure yourself, you might have to go to the hospital.


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