Welcome to the wonderful world of washi!

Originating in the heart of Japan, this decorative tape is no ordinary adhesive. It’s a conduit for creativity, a passport to transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

With its gentle touch and an astonishing array of patterns, washi tape has woven its way into the hearts of crafters and office dwellers alike.

Get ready to set off on a voyage that’ll fill your workspace with the enchantment of self-expression and a hint of playfulness.

In this article, we’ll explore numerous ingenious washi tape uses that will unleash your inner creativity at the office. Get ready to give your desktop, walls, furniture and more a stylish makeover!

For the uninitiated, washi tape is a decorative paper tape that originated in Japan. It comes in a mind-boggling array of colors, textures, and prints.

The Versatility of Washi Tape
The Versatility of Washi Tape

Unlike traditional tape, washi boasts an artful adhesive that embraces your surfaces with a gentle, yet steadfast, embrace.

It’s the chameleon of crafting, available in widths that range from the dainty to the grand, allowing you to wield it like a paintbrush on a canvas.

Armed with a handful of tips and tools, you’ll find yourself effortlessly creating, decorating, and illuminating spaces like never before.

Washi tape is available in different widths, starting from 5mm all the way to 295mm, from skinny strips to extra wide rolls. The most common widths are 15mm and 45mm. The 45mm size offers more versatility for bigger projects.

When working with washi, it’s helpful to keep seam roller, tape scissors, and adhesive remover on hand. This will make application and removal a breeze!

Now that you’re armed with washi wisdom, let’s dive into the fun stuff – all the innovative ways to use this tape to stylize your office space!

Washi Tape Desktop Dressing: Liven Up Your Work Surface

Your desk is more than just a functional surface – it’s your personal sanctuary of productivity. Elevate it to a realm of artistry with the stroke of a washi tape strip.

Fashionable Borders are more than just lines; they’re a splash of vibrancy that frames your creativity.

Charging Station Distinction? That’s turning chaos into order, making each device stand out with its unique adornment.

But don’t stop there – let Calendar Cues inject your schedule with a dose of color, and Inspirational Quotes grace your workspace like handwritten notes from a friend. Welcome to the artistry of desk design.

1. Fashionable Borders

Frame your desktop with strips of washi tape in complementary colors. This simple addition provides a much-needed pop of color to your workspace.

For a bolder look, use wider tapes or layer multiple skinny tapes. Washi tape borders instantly liven up any desk!

washi tape usage - washi tape on glass table border
Washi Tape on Glass Table Border

2. Charging Station Distinction

Identify different tech devices by taping washi strips to your charging cables and ports. Coordinating colors helps avoid plug mix-ups.

Get creative with patterns to make each station highly visible. Polka dots for laptop, stripes for phone, florals for tablet, and so on!

Washi Tape for Phones
Washi Tape for Phones (Image: Amazon)

3. Calendar Cues

Use washi tape to highlight important dates on your planner or calendar. Vibrant colors instantly draw your eye to deadlines or events.

Plus, you can easily remove and reposition tape as plans change. Way better than permanent marker!

Washi Tape for Journals
Washi Tape for Journals (Image: Amazon)

4. Inspirational Quotes

Have an inspirational quote you love? Print it out and frame with washi tape to display on your desk. Changing it up is as easy as swapping tapes.

Pick hues that evoke creativity or productivity. Words of wisdom made stylish with washi!

Organizational Applications: Order with Personality

Organization has never been so visually appealing.

Beyond color-coding, washi tape is your partner in creating a harmonious balance between practicality and aesthetics.

Colorful Categories transcend mundane labeling, painting your world with hues that sing in harmony.

Embrace the charm of Charming Labels, turning storage into an art form where every drawer and binder reflects your personality.

Bid farewell to the labyrinth of cords as Cord Control transforms them into a tapestry of patterns.

And when tasks beckon, let Task Ticklers call your attention in a symphony of colors. This is where organization and imagination intertwine.

Washi tape offers the perfect balance of form and function when organizing your office. Here’s how to integrate it seamlessly:

1. Colorful Categories

Color-code folders, files, and documents for easy identification. Complementary combos keep things cohesive.

This makes finding what you need a cinch. Organized with a side of style thanks to washi!

Colorful Washi Tapes
Colorful Washi Tapes (Image: Amazon)

2. Charming Labels

Ditch boring labels and create custom ones with washi tape. Use it to identify storage bins, drawers, binders – anything!

Jazz up text with fun tapes. Washi labeling makes organization enjoyable.

Washi Tapes for Different Days
Washi Tapes for Different Days (Image: Amazon)

3. Cord Control

Rein in unruly cords by wrapping washi tape around them – use different patterns to denote different plugs and devices.

Bonus: it looks way better than tangled messes! Keep your space neat with washi cord corralling.

4. Task Ticklers

Use strips of washi tape to flag important tasks or pages in your planner. The bright colors grab your attention when needed.

Much more eye-catching than paperclips or sticky notes. Washi tape keeps you on task in style.

Washi Tape for Laptop
Washi Tape for Laptops (Image: Amazon)

Workspace Walls: DIY Décor with Washi Tape

Your workspace isn’t confined to a desk; it extends to the walls that surround you.

Transform them into a tapestry of creativity with the art of Chic Calendars that blend functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

Venture further with Mosaic Murals, where geometry and whimsy dance hand in hand, giving life to every corner.

Embrace the power of Frame Play, curating a gallery of inspiration that changes as frequently as your ideas.

Your walls become the backdrop to your creative symphony, and with washi tape, the conductor’s wand is in your hands.

Blank office walls present the perfect blank canvas for washi tape artistry. Time to let your creativity run wild!

1. Chic Calendars

Design calendar layouts, mark important dates or count down to events directly on your walls with washi tape.

So much prettier than generic calendars. Plus, it’s endlessly editable with washi’s removable adhesive.

2. Mosaic Murals

Cover sections of your wall in ornate washi tape patterns to create artsy murals. Geometric designs, stripes, polka dot grids – opt for whatever suits your style.

As you change up tapes, the artwork evolves. Definitely beats boring blank walls!

Washi Tape for Computers, Envelopes, Cards, Cups

3. Frame Play

Make mini washi tape frames to display inspiring quotes, photos, postcards or whatever sparks joy when you see it.

Group multiple frames in cool layouts for impact. Washi allows you to switch up frames quickly and easily.

Washi Tapes for Frames
Washi Tapes for Frames (Image: Amazon)

Furniture Facelifts: Revive Your Existing Pieces

Furniture isn’t just functional; it’s a reflection of your style and spirit. Infuse new life into worn surfaces with the magic of Desk & Table Edging.

Each strip of washi tape is a brushstroke that revives the vibrancy of your workspace.

Your cabinets aren’t mere storage; they’re your canvas for Cabinet Play, where patterns and wood grain dance harmoniously.

Drawers become showcases of creativity with Drawer ‘Jewelry’, turning them into charming gems you’ll want to explore.

And when scratches threaten to mar the beauty of your furniture, let Legs on Fleek swoop in with elegance, concealing flaws with a touch of flair.

Washi tape offers a foolproof way to refresh tired furniture without splurging. Here’s how:

1. Desk & Table Edging

Run strips of washi tape along your desktop, tabletop or counter edges for quick pick-me-up. Vivid colors enliven surfaces.

For a more eclectic look, use multiple patterns and textures. Washi edging breathes life into worn furnishings.

2. Cabinet Play

Jazz up wooden cabinets by outlining panels and edges with vibrant washi designs. Stripes, zigzags and florals all work beautifully.

The patterns add visual interest while still letting the wood grain show through. Washi tape makes cabinets shine!

Washi Tape for Gift Wraps
Washi Tape for Gift Wraps (Image: Amazon)

3. Drawer ‘Jewelry’

Accent plain drawers and shelves with artistic washi ‘jewels’ made from small tape pieces layered into shapes. Circles, triangles, squares – anything goes!

The colorful clusters glam up boring surfaces affordably. Why buy new when washi revives the old?

4. Legs on Fleek

Wrap washi tape around table and chair legs to conceal scuffs and scratches. Use slim strips for a streamlined look.

This leggy makeover lets furniture flaws take a backseat to style. Washi tape works legs wonders!

The Versatility of Washi Tape: Creative Uses and Decorating Ideas for Every Office

Accessory Accents: Personalize Your Everyday Items

From toolboxes to gadgets, everyday items become a canvas for self-expression.

Transform your toolbox into a beacon of creativity with a Toolbox Takeover that reflects your spirit.

Your tech gadgets?

Let them don personalities as unique as yours through Tech Treasures – an artistic touch that makes each piece unmistakably yours.

But don’t let your writing utensils languish in anonymity; grace them with Writing Utensil Upgrades that elevate your daily tasks into moments of delight.

Every accessory becomes a story, every item a chapter in your tapestry of creativity.

Washi tape allows you to put your personal stamp on practical everyday objects. Get creative with these ideas:

1. Toolbox Takeover

Take your tool storage from boring to bold by covering the exterior with dazzling washi designs. Checks, geometrics or abstract prints will get noticed.

Never lose your toolbox in a sea of sameness again! Washi tape transforms the everyday.

Washi Tape Designs
Washi Tape Designs (Image: Amazon)

2. Tech Treasures

Make your gadgets uniquely yours by adding stripes, dots or monogrammed initials with washi tape. Use it to beautify laptops, keyboards, mice and more.

Whip your tech into shape with washi! Coordinate tapes with your style.

Stars Washi Tape
Stars Washi Tape (Image: Amazon)

3. Writing Utensil Upgrades

Add instant flair to plain pens, pencils and markers by wrapping washi tape around them. Multiple patterns on one item create visual interest.

Never mix up your writing tools again thanks to washi! Customization made simple.

10 Ways to Use Washi Tape in Your Journal


What surfaces can I use washi tape on?

Washi tape is safe for use on most smooth surfaces including walls, furniture, desktops, appliances and more thanks to its gentle adhesive. Avoid heavily textured or delicate surfaces.

Is washi tape reusable?

While not intended for extensive reuse, washi tape can usually be peeled up and re-adhered a few times if done carefully and slowly. Long-term reusability is limited.

Where can I buy washi tape?

Washi tape is widely available at craft stores, art supply shops, stationery boutiques and online retailers like Amazon and Etsy. Lots of variety exists!

How do I remove washi tape cleanly?

Pull up slowly against the tape edge at a 45 degree angle. If any adhesive residue remains, dab gently with adhesive remover or oil and wipe away.

Can I layer multiple washi tapes together?

Absolutely! Layering complementary washi tape patterns and textures allows you to create custom prints. Just be sure to smooth each layer thoroughly.


Congratulations, creative traveler!

You’ve now uncovered the tapestry of washi tape’s potential.

From a roll of adhesive emerges a world of creativity waiting to be explored. As you infuse your workspace with personality, remember that each strip is a brushstroke of your imagination.

Whether it’s the chic edges of your desk or the vibrant mosaic murals on your walls, washi tape is your partner in creativity.

So let your workspace become a canvas where innovation knows no bounds.

As you step forward into this tapestry of color and self-expression, remember: your journey has only just begun.

Happy taping!

Washi Tapes Scrapbooks
Washi Tapes for Scrapbooks (Image: Amazon)

Happy taping!

I hope this helps spark some washi tape creativity for your home and office!

You can visit Altenew.com to explore more about washi tapes.

Let us know if you have any other questions by visiting our Contact Us page.


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