Retro has its own swag to it. The black and white cinema, polka dots and headbands, Elvis Presley’s magical voice… Old is indeed gold.

This section covers retro papers – all that you need to know about retro papers before you can buy them.

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The same is true for the archaic texture of paper.

There is an all enthusing appeal to it when made to appear a tad bit faded. Nowadays, the demand to revive the 60s and 70s has witnessed an upsurge, especially when it comes to arts and craft. This has given rise to state of the art ‘Retro Papers’.

If you are new to the concept, then you have come to the right place to enlighten your mind with the archaic arts. Before digging into the details, let’s first scratch the surface.

What is Retro Paper?

Retro Paper is a type of paper that resembles the vintage era. It is available in various shades, styles and textures that are made to appear faded in an aesthetic demeanor. It is often seen with royal designs in the background that are suitable for making envelopes and giving it a rich and imperial look.

You must have come across royal scrolls in shows set way back in the past, and even fantasy shows such as Game of Thrones. Letters, Raven Letters and books even. The sort of paper that you see there is retro paper.

What is retro paper used for?

Retro paper is primarily used for arts and crafts. Here are a few listings of what you can do with retro papers:

  • Make an Envelope
retro paper envelope, retro papers,
Envelope made from Retro Paper

As easy as it sounds, the texture of retro paper only makes the appearance of an envelope rustic and delicate. We will be exploring how to make envelopes with retro paper later in this article as well.

If you relate to the renaissance more than the guy next door, then you would be amused by the ideas of writing letters for your loved ones and giving them away in a personalized envelope. Moreover, you can write poems or quotes from your favorite author and frame the retro paper.

  • Make a Scrapbook

To preserve memories in the eternal ordeal of time. What a pleasure! You can use retro papers for the same purpose. Make a personalized scrapbook and decorate it with polaroid memories, writing quotes or that which inspires you. We cannot think of a better way to eternalize who you are.

  • Make a Journal
journal made from retro paper, retro paper guide,
Journal Book Made from Retro Paper

The art of journaling is unique. Words and phrases that take you back to a memory? Isn’t that wondrous. Moreover, do it on a preserved piece of paper and there is nothing else you would like more.

Retro papers are commonly used for journals after being purchased in bulk. These stacks are then leather bound or stitched together thus creating a blend of modern aesthetics.

  • Write your Diary Entries

If you are someone who likes to keep track of moments, good or bad, then retro paper diaries should be your go to resort. Even though the entries are during a modern age, the style depicts an elegant touch to it. After all, it is retro.

  • Do Calligraphy
beautiful calligraphy on retro paper, retro paper guide,
Calligraphy on Retro Paper

Sure calligraphy on plain white paper sounds nice, but a touch of retro and their eyes would flaunt at the appeal and beauty of it. Retro papers are often used for calligraphic writings. It’s rhythmic and poetic.

If you do not already know the art but are patient enough to learn it, then there is nothing better a retro paper could be put into use for.

You can also piece the retro papers together to review your personal progress.

Types of Retro Paper

Now that you know the different kinds of arts and craft ordeals that can be accomplished using retro papers, let’s delve into the type of retro paper that would be best for each. To begin with, there are various kinds of retro papers both plain and printed. Let’s dig in:

MOLNESO Vintage Paper Pad

Molneso Vintage Paper Pad comes in a pack of 300 sheets, with 50 decorative sheets per stack. Each of them is retro-spectively (pun intended) unique in its own way. They vary in pictures, texture, patterns and appeal but all give an equally intense vintage appeal.

Its matte texture is suitable for almost any pen and its pocket-size makes it easy to carry it anywhere and everywhere.


Molneso Vintage Paper Pad can be put to multiple uses including scrapbooking and can also be used for aesthetic decorative crafts such as journaling. Furthermore, these are also used for decoupage vintage paper when it comes to artwork. Often these are used for decorating photo frames.

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Stationery Paper With Old Fashion Aged Classic Vintage Assorted Design

Stationery Paper with old-fashioned classic vintage assorted design is a double-sided retro paper with an archaic and dignified texture. This is the sort of paper on which calligraphy works the best. The rustic look when combined with cursive handwriting gives it a scroll like form making it look evermore magnificent.

It is available online in a packet of 120 sheets containing an assortment of 20 stacks per design.


Stationery Paper with old-fashioned aged classic vintage assorted design is primarily used for printing, letter writing, crafting, copying, tickets, invitation and certificates.

Go ahead and write your royal invite now!

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Aged Paper of Antique Looking Old Fashion Faux Parchment Paper

Aged Paper of antique looking old fashion faux parchment paper comes in a letter size in a pack of 48 similar looking sheets. This parchment retro paper comes in a range of light to medium colors. Pick the one that suits your handwriting the best!

It is thick enough such that handwriting on one side does not show through the other side. Use old-fashioned fonts to revive the royalty in you.


Aged paper of antique looking old-fashioned faux parchment paper is one of those retro papers that can be used as poetry scrolls and scavenger hunt maps. Remember Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban? Yes, this retro paper has the same appeal as that. It can also be used for scrapbooks.

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Digging a Little Deeper into Paper: Tutorials

Well, retro paper is more or less similar to vintage paper. If you are looking for ways to create your own retro paper, then here are a couple of tutorials that will help you through with it.

DIY Vintage Paper | Wax Seal | Easy Tutorial Using Coffee | Luna

DIY Vintage Paper I Wax seal I Easy Tutorial using coffee I Luna Joy

In this YouTube tutorial, you will learn how to make a retro vintage paper at home using coffee. Other materials required would be a small bowl or a glass, hot water, an ice cream stick for stirring, paper, candle and a paintbrush.

You will learn how to slightly burn the paper through the edges to give it a rustic appeal and make it look archaic and old-fashioned in an extraordinary way. You can use the retro paper for writing poems or quotes. You can even frame the paper and gift it as an intimate and personal gesture.

How To Make Tea Dyed Paper, Making Vintage Paper. Easy!

DIY vlog #6: How to make Tea dyed paper, making vintage paper. Easy!

In this YouTube tutorial, you will learn how to make retro paper or vintage paper using tea. For this purpose, you will find the materials required within your vicinity. They should be easily available at your home.

You will require some tea leaves, a bowl or a glass to mix the tea leaves with water, a sheet of paper cut into rectangles and a plate. The flat surface of the place will be used to keep the tea dipped rectangles for drying. And voila! Your retro paper is ready to embark on its eternal journey.


Can retro paper be used to make envelopes?

Yes, retro papers are used to make envelopes. The process is really easy. Follow the steps mentioned below to make your own personalized retro paper envelope:

● Take your retro paper and fold it in half. Mark the middle by pressing the edges.

● Now, take one of the edges and fold it such that it aligns with the crease.

● Repeat the process with the opposite edge. It will overlap with the first fold.

● Now, fold the bottom edge upwards.

● Repeat the process with the last remaining edge.

● Crease the edges by applying pressure on it.

● Stick a button on the top flap and tie a string around it.

● Extend the string and thread it around the envelope, thus making a ‘+’ sign.

● Ensure that you also tie it around the button by taking multiple turns.

● Leave the excess and twirl it around the thread so that it can be untied in a similar manner.

Your retro paper envelope with a personalized appeal is ready to be given away.

However, there are also retro paper envelopes available online at great prices on sites such as Amazon and Etsy.

What is retro paper used for?

Retro paper is used for various purposes including scrapbooking, journaling, diary entries and other arts and craft related methods like making envelopes. One can also write a poem or a quote on it and frame it.

Can I make retro paper at home?

Yes, there are various ways to make retro paper at home. These can be made with easily available equipment at home. Primarily, they are made by using tea or coffee powder. Dissolve the tea or coffee powder in water and use a paintbrush to paint it over a plain piece of paper. You can splatter some in certain areas to give it more effect.

Is it okay to do calligraphy on retro paper?

Yes, it is okay to do calligraphy on retro paper. In fact, calligraphic writing across a vintage retro paper gives it an archaic and extravagant look. It appeals to the eye as royal and dignified, and is one of the most commonly used cursive handwritings on retro paper.

Where can I find retro paper?

If you are short of time or unable to make your retro paper at home, then you can resort to an easy alternative. Retro papers are available online on most of the websites. In fact, they come in magnificent patterns and textures on sites such as Amazon, Etsy and Flipkart. They are also available at premium stationery stores.

Are retro paper envelopes available online?

Yes, retro paper envelopes are easily available online at great prices. You can take your pick at the type of retro paper envelope you would like, but ensure that you order it prior to when you need to use it as it might take some time to arrive.

Can I use retro paper for a scavenger hunt?

Yes, you can use retro paper for a scavenger hunt. In fact, if you are willing to get creative and have an ample amount of time then you can use cursive handwriting to give your scavenger hunt a vintage appeal.


If you’re looking to make your next party stand out or just want to start feeling more like an 80s teen again, you can go with retro papers.

If you love the art of letter writing and enjoy the nostalgia of simpler times, then you’ll love what these retro papers can offer.

I am sure this article will help you in finding your perfect retro paper.

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