Hallmark Christmas Wrapping Paper Bundle with Cut Lines

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  • Each roll measures 30 inches x 8.8 feet.
  • Covers a total area of 22 square feet per roll.
  • This makes a total of 88 square feet.


  • Four festive holiday patterns on brown Kraft paper.
  • Vintage red trucks, white snowflakes, red diagonal stripes, and “Merry Christmas” in green and red.


  • Each roll has gridlines on its reverse to ensure straight and smooth cutting.
  • They also come with perfectly wrapped presents.

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Hallmark Christmas Wrapping Paper Bundle with Cut Lines

It’s every shoppers’ favorite time of year: The holiday season!

All across America, people are shopping for their loved ones and preparing for big parties. Between gift-giving and entertaining, however, many people are forgetting one very important thing: wrapping paper.

This new addition to Hallmark’s line of elegant wrapping paper includes cut lines that make gift wrapping quick and easy.

First, choose wrapping paper that compliments your gift. Hallmark Elegant Christmas Wrapping Paper features gorgeous artwork with your favorite winter motifs and hues, so you can give your gifts an elegant touch that feels as special as it looks.

Item FormRoll
SizeChristmas Kraft, 4 Pack
ColorChristmas Kraft, 4 Pack
PatternStriped, Cartoon
Total Eaches4
Paper FinishMatte


  • 4-pack roll of Christmas Wrapping Paper.
  • Measurement: 30 inches x 8.8 feet
  • Area of per roll: 22 square feet.
  • Total of 88 square feet in 4 rolls.


  • Four festive holiday designs printed on brown Kraft paper.
  • Vintage red trucks, White snowflakes, red diagonal stripes, and “Merry Christmas” in red and green.
  • Multi-pack of kraft matte gift wrap that is festive and colorful helps make wrapping gifts effortless and simple.


  • Each roll has grid lines that run across the back to allow straight and smooth paper cutting.
  • The grid lines makes gift wrapping easy.


  • Paper wrap is made from top-quality paper.
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable material.
  • Hallmark’s environmentally-friendly gift wrap paper is created using wood from well-managed forests.
  • These papers are produced in the USA using European paper.


How to wrap Christmas gifts?

When it comes to wrapping gifts, there’s no one way to do it. Everyone has their own method and preferences, but regardless of what you do, you want to make sure your gift will stand out.

Whether you’re into traditional Christmas colors or want to go with something more festive (like red and gold), there are plenty of options that will make your gift look special—and if you include a personal touch like a handwritten note, it could even make an impression.

Here are some tips on how to wrap presents without making any rookie mistakes

Well-wrapped Presents

If you plan on giving large packages as gifts, be wary of overlapping seams when wrapping them. If they’re too close together, they can form wrinkles in your paper—not to mention show off a little too much tape.

Remember: Professional present wrappers don’t overlap; they space things out so that each seam falls over another one’s flap. Also avoid placing tape directly on your package unless you have a great reason to—such as covering up already existing creases or holes.

Glossy papers:

While foil details and shiny accents might seem like they add value, they actually make many packages look cheap; avoid using them if possible. Instead, stick with more classic papers and patterns—but remember to change it up every once in a while for added variety.

Sturdy boxes:

If using boxes for packaging instead of bags or wrapping paper, start by cutting open all sides before folding them back down; otherwise you’ll have trouble getting at anything inside later on.

Also, consider adding beautiful bows or embellishments around your box tops before folding back down just for a little extra pizzazz!

Finally, if you’re boxing up dishes or other fragile items that need extra protection, secure them with bubble wrap first to ensure they won’t get chipped on their journey.

Boxes aren’t always necessary:

If you need to pack only a small item and are worried about its safety in transit, simply place it inside a plastic baggie and seal it shut. This not only makes your gift safe but also keeps it looking its best since nothing gets squished or crumpled (though not all recipients will appreciate unwrapping).

Snug wrapping:

The key to most successful present wrapping jobs is using enough sticky-tape…duh?

Packages wrapped too tightly can rip or tear during transport, and you definitely don’t want your gift to come undone. To get a snug fit, leave a little room at both ends and tuck in loose flaps.

Once you think it looks right, give it a good tug—just don’t pull so hard that you break everything inside.

Fun edges:

A lot of people feel guilty throwing away wrapping paper after taking down a Christmas tree, but why?

Take scraps from different rolls and lay them next to each other to create new patterns for your next round of gifting. If you have more ribbon than anyone should ever own, use it to highlight nice corners or create fun shapes across various sizes of presents—just remember to cut off any loose ends beforehand!


A four-pack of wrapping paper comes with 4 festive holiday patterns made of brown kraft paper. Beautiful designs include Vintage red trucks and red diagonal stripes white snowflakes “Merry Christmas” in green and red. A roll measures 30 inches by 8.8 feet. This is the total area of 22 square feet per roll. Total of 88 square feet.

Hallmark makes it easy to wrap any gift with its new wrapping paper with cut lines. Available in a variety of patterns, Hallmark has made using wrapping paper as fun as opening presents! This year, save time and do your decorating all at once. Pick up some Hallmark Christmas wrapping paper for your holiday needs today!

The matte wrapping paper comes with gridlines on its reverse to allow straight cutting and perfectly wrapped gifts. Hallmark as a brand is regarded as being the top choice for greeting cards, gift wrap and so on. For over 100 years, Hallmark helps its clients make every moment beautiful and celebrations happy.

You can visit Hallmark’s website to explore more of these beautiful Christmas wrapping paper options.

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