Learn how to easily draw a Fish and find some amazing facts about Fish
Easy Coloring Pages for Kids

Learn to Draw a Fish

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Draw A Fish – Easy and Step-by-Step

When you want to learn how to draw a Fish, the best place to start is with a drawing sheet. This will help you get an idea of the proportions and basic structure of whatever it is you’re trying to draw. Plus, it can be really fun to add your own details and personalize your drawing!

There are 4 printables of drawings of Fish for kids. You can use these printables for kids to draw a cute fish. You can learn to draw your perfect fish and use it as a cut-out for your other projects.

Go through this step-by-step drawing guide for kids before you start to draw.

Supplies You Would Need

Draw a Fish

Learn how to draw a fish easily. You can draw and color it in on the page below. You can follow the grid lines to sketch out your perfect drawing of a fish with relative ease. Just follow the original image above and continue on with your drawing. Try to match them as closely as possible!

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Draw a Fish

How to Use this Image

You can right-click on this image and Save As the image on your computer or device.

You can take a printout of this printable on an A4 sheet and use this as your coloring sheet.

Download the Coloring Sheet – Learn to Draw a Cute Fish

You can download this sheet and take a print-out to draw a fish.

Rate your drawing. You can give stars to your own drawing.

Try practicing till you give yourself a 5-star for your drawing.

Strange and Interesting Facts About Fish

Did you know that the word fish actually comes from the Old English word fisc?
Or that the largest recorded fish (at least by weight) was caught in 1878, off the coast of Iceland?
These and seven other fish facts will totally blow your mind!
Learn more in this list of 11 Mind-Blowing Fish Facts You Didn’t Know. Get ready to be astounded!

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Learn to Draw a Fish
  1. There are over 32,000 different species of fish in the world.
  2. Fish come in all shapes and sizes. The smallest fish is the goby, which can be as small as a grain of rice. The largest fish is the whale shark, which can be up to 60 feet long!
  3. The biggest stingray ever recorded was 11.5 feet wide
  4. Fish can live in all kinds of habitats, from the coldest oceans to the hottest deserts.
  5. Some fish can breathe air and live on land for short periods of time. Other fish, like sharks and eels, need to keep moving or they will suffocate.
  6. The Nile Perch introduced into Lake Victoria caused the extinction of 200 species in the past 40 years
  7. Greenland Sharks can live up to 500 years old, making them Earth’s longest living vertebrates
  8. Salmon don’t die after spawning but go back out to sea and repeat this process multiple times throughout their lifetime
  9. Many people don’t know that goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus,) are a member of the minnow family.
  10. Most fish have scales that protect them from predators and help them swim faster through water.
  11. Some fish can change their color to match their surroundings.


There are hundreds of coloring pages for kids. You can visit the pages and download them. You can take a printout of these drawings and can have real fun with them!

Check for various other amazing printables under Drawings category.

You can visit national geographic to learn more about fish.


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