Learn how to easily draw a Car and find some amazing facts about Cars
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Learn to Draw a Car

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Draw A Car – Step-by-Step

When you want to learn how to draw a car, the best place to start is with a drawing sheet. This will help you get an idea of the proportions and basic structure of whatever it is you’re trying to draw. Plus, it can be really fun to add your own details and personalize your drawing!

Go through this step-by-step drawing guide for kids before you start to draw.

Supplies You Would Need

Draw a Car

Learn how to draw a car. You can draw and color it in on the page below. You can follow the grid lines to sketch out your perfect drawing of a car with relative ease. Just follow the original image above and continue on with your drawing. Try to match them as closely as possible!

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Learn to Draw a Car

How to Use this Image

You can right-click on this image and Save As the image on your computer or device.

You can take a printout of this printable on an A4 sheet and use this as your coloring sheet.

Download the Coloring Sheet – Learn to Draw a Car

You can download this sheet and take a print-out to draw a car.

Rate your drawing. You can give stars to your own drawing.

Try practicing till you give yourself a 5-star for your drawing.

Strange and Interesting Facts About Cars

Cars have come a long way since their invention back in the 1800s.

The car was invented by Carl Benz in 1886, but it wasn’t until Henry Ford created the assembly line in 1913 that cars were widely affordable to the average consumer.

Today, cars have become more than just transportation; they are the ultimate expression of personal style and self-expression.

They also have some pretty fascinating facts attached to them.

Here are 15 amazing facts about cars you probably didn’t know.

learn to draw a car, free printables, easy download,
Drawing of a Car
  1. It is said that an average car has about 30,000 parts.
  2. The first cars didn’t have steering wheels; they were steered with a tiller.
  3. A new car smells because of the off-gassing of the plastics and other materials used in its construction.
  4. The U.S. has the world’s highest per capita rate of car ownership, with 797 vehicles per 1,000 Americans.
  5. The first successful gasoline-powered automobile was built by Carl Benz in 1886.
  6. Henry Ford introduced the assembly line to reduce production time for cars from more than 12 hours to just 93 minutes.
  7. A new car depreciates by about 20% as soon as it is driven off the lot.
  8. More than two million Americans work in the automotive industry – making it the country’s number one employer.
  9. In 2011, an average of 17.5 gallons of gas were consumed every year by each person in America.
  10. In 1914, Charles Kettering invented a device called a clutch which would engage or disengage power transmission while automobiles were moving – this made driving easier and less dangerous!
  11. The world’s fastest production car is the Bugatti Veyron, which can reach speeds of up to 267 mph.
  12. Lamborghini makes only 150 cars per year, and costs $250,000 each.
  13. In 2016 BMW released the i3 electric car that gets around 170 miles on one charge and starts at $42,400.
  14. The most expensive car in the world is named Ferrari 250 GTO, and was sold for $38 million in 2014.
  15. Many vehicles today run solely on electricity or battery power instead of gasoline.

There are hundreds of coloring pages for kids. You can visit the pages and download them. You can take a printout of these drawings and can have real fun with them!

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You can visit Wikipedia to know more about cars.


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