This guide covers topics that will make you learn How to Choose the Best Bone Folder for Perfect Creases as well as some Do’s and Don’ts on Bone Folders.

How to Choose the Best Bone Folder for Perfect Creases,

Bone folders are commonly used by bookbinders and scrapbookers to create clean, straight creases in paper or cardstock. Creasing paper allows you to fold the paper along the line, making it easier to fold in half or in thirds, for example, which allows you to get the shape you want when you’re doing scrapbooking projects.

This article will teach you about different types of bone folders and how to choose the best one for your needs, as well as what types of materials are best suited for creating paper folds with a bone folder.

The Best Bone Folder Guide (Comparison)

Bone folders are handy tools that you can use to create a perfectly crisp, perfectly straight crease in paper. This is a key feature if you’re looking to achieve beautifully even folds that will last for years.

Finding an ideal bone folder is an important step towards folding beautiful projects such as origami or models of buildings and bridges.

However, picking out which bone folder to buy can be tricky – there are so many on offer from different manufacturers. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorites so you can make an informed decision when buying your own.

Let’s get started!

Our Top Picks

1. Ecohu Bone Folder & Creaser Tool

During testing, we were really pleased with how solid and long-lasting these bone folders were. They are backed by a lifetime guarantee and effectively complete all duties for which they were intended. We adore how easily paper can be cut through with their incredibly sharp edges intact, making them excellent for generating crisp folds in fabric or papers. They also provide supplementary elements like etched lettering and pattern-making guidelines if you want to get really fancy.

2. EK tools Bone Folder

These bone folders’ large handles, which let you operate without placing too much strain on your hands, are their best feature. They are therefore more convenient to utilise than the other choices on our list. They are ideal for novices who have never used bone folders because they are lightweight and simple to use.

Best Bone Folder for perfect crease

3. Arteza Bone Folders, Scoring Tools for Origami Paper Crafts

These inexpensive bone folders are equally as effective as some of their more costly competitors. Arteza Scoring Stylus set includes: 1 Standard paper scorer/origami folding tool, 1 Small bone tool with a knife-like form, 1 Large origami folder with a pointed tip, and 1 Curved tail bone creaser with curved edges. It is made of smooth plastic that won’t harm delicate papers. As a result, they are ideal for those who require a variety of sizes of these instruments for varied tasks or who don’t want to spend extra money on unnecessary things. They aren’t quite as sturdy because they are constructed of plastic rather than metal, but they still function reasonably well overall.

4. CrafTreat Teflon Pencil Bone Folder and Scoring Tool

Compared to other bone folders on our list, these ones are exceptionally light and thin. Despite the fact that we adored their sleek design, this does mean that they are a little less durable than alternatives and might not withstand heavy use. But because of their small size, they won’t take up much room in your toolbox either, so if you want something little, they might be the ones for you.

5. Plastic Bone Folder 3-in-1 Folder-Creaser-Slicker

You can hold onto this bone folder firmly while working thanks to the handy handle that is attached to it. Additionally, it has soft rubber handles that add comfort while using it and lessen fatigue over time. The ergonomic design helps you fold without putting undue strain on your hands or wrists, which is another pleasant touch.

6. ECOHU Bone Folder for Folding Scoring Burnishing

One of the most popular on our list, and for good reason, is this bone folder! It is very economical, easy to use, and effective. This makes it an excellent option for anyone who wishes to use a bone folder for the first time or who needs a simple bone folder they can use for sporadic tasks around the house.

7. DEEDYGO Genuine Bone Folder – 100% Real Cattle Bone

The robust, smooth, and grainless genuine cattle bone used to make this bone folder tool is the perfect material for paper and leather crafts because it won’t damage your paper or leather.

The dimensions are 6″x0.8″x0.2″, with a rounded and a pointed end shape. Holding this tool is quite comfortable.

Best bone tool suitable for clay cutting, bookbinding, burnishing, sewing, scrapbooking, card-making, origami, handmade books, and other DIY paper crafts.

This is an excellent product and is highly rated by customers.

Ultimate Guide on How to Use a Bone Folder

Today, we’ll examine bone folders, a tool that many people use but few are familiar with.

They essentially serve as a versatile manual instrument for making precise paper folds.

But you can use them for so much more than just folding paper!

Use these bone folder tips to create crafts that are better than before. Once you use these methods, you won’t want to use any other tool again.

You could even think about getting one for yourself!

You should be aware that bone folders can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes. Although each type of folder doesn’t have a formal name, the most of them have descriptive titles depending on their shape or intended use.

Because it lacks teeth or scoring notches along its edge, the conventional round-handled folder is frequently referred to as a full round or smooth folder (though some newer models may have very small notches). This type of folder is perfect for all applications where accuracy is essential, but if you want something a little more durable, use one with teeth around its edge.

For heavier materials like leather and wood veneer, these tooth folders work great. They are also useful for tasks requiring a lot of creasing, such producing envelopes or binding books. Other bone folders include teeth along their sides and rounded edges, which make it possible to fold something precisely and securely.

Whatever type of folder you decide on, make sure to keep it dry and clean while not in use to maintain it sharp. Avoid touching any part of your project with your fingers when working with materials like fabric or suede because your skin’s oils will eventually dull the blade and harm delicate surfaces.

Let’s now discuss some particular applications for bone folders.

1. Folds Paper Perfectly

You’ll always get neater folds when using a bone folder as opposed to your finger, whether you’re using a ruler or a straightedge. Regardless of the technique you choose, begin by placing your ruler or straightedge against your paper where you want to start making your fold and move it across the page until it reaches where you want to terminate. Holding onto the far side of your ruler/straightedge while using either method will allow you to easily flip over everything, including the ruler/straightedge, and push down hard on top of everything to make a clean crease without harming anything else around.

2. Create Accurate Envelope Folds

If you’ve ever attempted to cut a precise corner or flap with your regular office scissors, you are aware of how challenging it is to consistently produce the same results. But with a bone folder and a little practise, you can soon master the art of producing flawless corners and flaps each and every time.

Start by positioning your bone folder directly beneath the paper corner you want to fold. With one hand, steadily hold it while using the other to draw up the paper’s reverse side. Continue drawing up until it reaches the corner of your envelope, then push down on top once you’ve made enough room between the two layers of paper.

3. Make Your Scrapbooking Project Corners Crisp and Clean

You can’t get a perfectly square corner using your ordinary paper trimmer, no matter how hard you try. But you can easily make the same sharp square corners that you find in scrapbooks and photo albums with a bone folder. The trick is to fold along the line where you want your corner to be in a V-shape. Place your bone folder so that it touches both of the lines where you want to make your fold by placing it beneath the middle of your paper. In order to bring the two sides of the paper together in the centre, pull up on one and press down on the other.

4. Get a Perfect Straight Edge

A bone folder can be used to make an edge that is absolutely straight as well as crisp and clean creases along the edge of your paper. Start by holding your bone folder in place with one hand while pulling up on the opposing side of the paper with the other, just as when you fold paper. Pull until the desired length is attained, and then score the edge where you want it to stay flat using the bone folder.

5. Perfectly Align the Edges of Two Pieces of Paper

Use a bone folder to ensure flawless alignment the next time you’re aligning two pieces of paper together. Simply align them with your bone folder along the edge, then fold over one piece until it touches the other.

6. Easily and Quickly Remove Glue Residue

The fact that glue can leave a sticky residue on your hands, desk, projects, and other surfaces is one of its main drawbacks. However, you can quickly eliminate any signs of adhesive with only a little assistance with a bone folder. Just run your bone folder down the edge where there is glue residue and lightly massage until it entirely gone!

7. Score a Paper or Cardboard Box’s Edges

Use a bone folder to make sharp and tidy creases along the box’s edges before folding. Simply position your bone folder along the edge of the area you wish to fold, and then score along the edge with it until the depth you want is attained.

8. On your paper, score a line parallel to a perforated line

There are perforated lines on many paper items that are designed to be manually pulled off. However, you can consistently produce straight, spotless tear-offs by using a bone folder. Simply start at one end of the perforated line with your bone folder, then slowly move it to the other end until you reach the depth you want.

9. Draw a Line Down the Middle of Your Paper or Cardboard

To make precise and clear scores down the middle of your paper or cardboard, you can alternatively use a bone folder. Simply start at one end of the line where you want to make your score, then drag your bone folder to the other end until you achieve the depth you want.

10. Safely Open a Letter Without Damaging it

Some envelopes feature perforated lines that are intended to be easily torn open, but it can occasionally be challenging to get them started without accidently splitting them in half. However, you may open letters safely and damage-free with only a little assistance from a bone folder!

Best Bone Folder for Perfect Creases

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using a Bone Folder

A bone folder is frequently not utilized by individuals. This is due to the fact that, despite being quite practical around the home, you don’t often get to utilize them when making crafts or business papers.

They are particularly useful when working on paper crafts like origami and scrapbooking, though they can be utilized in any situation that calls for precise folding and/or creasing of materials.

However, there are a few pitfalls you should avoid if you’re new to utilising them.

Here are the essential details.

1. You Are Yet to Get a Bone Folder

The first error that many individuals commit is failing to actually have a bone folder on hand when they actually need one. It’s simple to suppose that you don’t actually require one, just to discover that you do just as you’re about to begin your project. So be sure to keep at least one on hand at all times! If you find that you do require more than one, think about buying a complete set so that all future jobs will be simpler.

2. Faulty Usage

Chances are good that if you’ve ever attempted to use a bone folder improperly, it ended up bent or became useless for further tasks. When utilizing your bone folder, bear the following in mind to help ensure that doesn’t happen again:

Never hold a bone folder by the handle; always hold it by the tip. You risk accidently breaking or bending it while attempting to utilize it if you do this.

When folding a substance, such as paper, fold it from top to bottom rather than bottom to top. Since most folds naturally desire to go down rather than up, folding from top to bottom enables you to produce clean folds every time.

3. You Use It Even When it is Damaged

Avoid using the bone folder in case it is broken or damaged. You can in this way save yourself from any injury.

Get the Perfect Crease Every Time with the Best Bone Folder

5 Easy and Effective Bone Folder Use Techniques

A bone folder is a more durable, pricey relative of a paper clip. It is designed to give finished paper and card stock that clean edge. It is the best tool available for doing tasks swiftly and easily.

However, because most people don’t utilize them frequently, we frequently struggle to complete our work flawlessly each and every time.

Here are some points to consider that should enable you to use bone folder in most effective way.

1. Use It Also as a Scoring Tool

Most people only think of using their bone folder when they need to score or fold a piece of paper extremely crisply, but you can also use it to make intricate folds and creases!

Rather than using scissors or an X-Acto knife, reach for your reliable bone folder. Just be careful not to overdo it; avoid pressing too firmly to avoid tearing through your paper (which will really ruin your day).

2. Avoid Overthinking

It’s good to just jump in without considering how much pressure you’re exerting or whether you’re doing something correctly or not.

Give it a try, if you’ve used a bone folder previously because you probably already how it works.

3. Keep in Mind There are Additional Tools

There’s no need to restrict yourself by using just one tool for all activities, even though your bone folder can be one of your favourite tools to utilize during creative sessions. To do each task more quickly than ever before, try mixing various tools!

4. Keep in Mind that You Can Use Various Sizes

When deciding what size bone folder to purchase, you have a number of alternatives, just as with any other kind of crafting equipment. The larger ones are better suited for major tasks like folding a stack of papers into an envelope, but the smaller ones are excellent for minute detail work. So if you find yourself having trouble with a certain job, browse through your collection to see if perhaps changing sizes could help.

5. Use Caution when Sharpening Them

Be very careful while sharpening your bone folder, or you will end up damaging it.


What is a Bone Folder?

When folding paper for bookbinding or origami, a bone folder is a useful tool to have on hand. It often has two sharp edges and is composed of bone or plastic. You can buy a bone folder from any office supply store, but you can also construct your own by cutting a triangle out of an old credit card or business card.

How to use a bone folder?

Run the paper along the edge of your bone folder after trimming it to size. Your paper will be creased in a clean, polished manner as a result of this technique. Depending on what you require for your project, you can fold something either once or twice.

What is a bone folder made up of?

A bone folder is often shaped like a triangle and can be crafted from animal bones, plastic, or wood. When you use your paper, the back side will rest against your desk or work surface; therefore, it should be smooth and devoid of any splinters that can catch your paper.

Why is it called a bone folder?

The name comes from its original material, which was made from animal bones. These days, you’ll typically find plastic or wood versions of bone folders in most office supply stores, but they still come in handy for crafting projects that require precise folds and creases in paper.

What can be used instead of a bone folder?

If you don’t have access to a bone folder, another popular substitution is to cut a triangle out of an old credit card or business card. Although it won’t leave a crease as sharp as a typical bone folder, it ought to work in a pinch. Although they are typically more expensive than their DIY equivalents, some craft stores also sell specialised folding rulers made for producing crisp folds in paper.

Can we sharpen a bone folder?

It is not advisable to sharpen your bone folder because doing so could erode its integrity and increase the likelihood that it will break in the future. It is preferable to replace your bone folder rather than attempting to repair it if you see that it has grown dull or damaged.


You can visit Wikipedia to learn more about bone folders.

After you’ve considered all of these factors, you should be able to decide on a bone folder that meets your needs. If in doubt, it’s never a bad idea to grab two or three different kinds and try them out for yourself.

You can often find demo versions of bone folders at office supply stores or copy shops—or friends and family might be willing to let you try theirs. It can take some experimentation to find which one works best for you, but it’s well worth it!

You may even feel like putting together a DIY kit with your favorite items—and if so, please share by visiting the Contact page!


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