Black Paper Towels: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Informed Buying Decision

Do you know the difference between regular paper towels and black paper towels?

Many people do not, which means they could be using their money on an inferior product.

black paper towels buyers guide

This ultimate buyer’s guide can help you learn everything you need to know about black paper towels, such as what they’re made of, how they work and why they are different from other paper towels.

At the end of this article, you will know everything there is to know about black paper towels so that you can make an informed decision before buying them.

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Why you need black paper towels?

Black colored paper towels are much more absorbent than their traditional colored counterparts. Also, these paper towels tend to be softer than many other brands that are currently on the market. This makes them perfect for cleaning anything from your windows to your floors.

When choosing black colored paper towels, you’ll find several options available. Some of these brands contain two-ply sheets while others come in three-ply varieties; and, of course, there are also those manufacturers who make four-ply versions.

If you have a larger budget, we highly recommend looking into four-ply black colored paper towels, as they will be a bit thicker than most other brands in order to retain moisture and offer extra strength in tough situations.

5 questions to ask before buying black paper towels

Black Paper Towels The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Before you start shopping, consider these five questions.

  • Do you really need black paper towels?
  • Are black colored paper towels more absorbent than non-black colored ones?
  • Should black paper towels match your other bathroom products, such as your toilet seat covers or bath mats?
  • What brands of black colored paper towels have received positive reviews from past customers?
  • How much money are you willing to spend on each roll of black colored paper towel?

While these may seem like silly questions to ask, they will help you make an informed decision that is best for your home. If any of these questions seem applicable to your needs and situation, then it is probably safe to assume that “Yes,” you do need a roll of black colored paper towel rolls in your home.

The right kind of black paper towel for your needs

When it comes to paper towels, you can always choose between brown and black colored paper towel rolls.

Brown paper towels are a little bit cheaper than black ones, but for most of us that might not be an issue; however, when it comes to other attributes like absorbency or strength, well… let’s just say your preference might depend on how much use your kitchen gets.

If you find yourself in need of a lot of paper towels that don’t tear too easily (or at all) and if they’re supposed to keep up with heavy-duty messes such as oil spills or juice spills, then we’d recommend going with black colored paper towel rolls instead of brown ones.

How much should you spend on black paper towels?

We all want to know that we’re getting our money’s worth, but with so many black paper towels out there, how do you figure out which one is right for you?

You can buy cheap, bargain-basement black paper towels that don’t seem to last as long as their pricier counterparts. Or you can purchase an entire case of high-end paper towels that run several times more than cheaper brands. But which is a better value for your hard-earned money?

Let’s take a look at what you get from each price point and see if we can determine whether or not it’s worth paying extra for higher quality products.

For example, let’s say you’re looking for 1000 sheets per roll. If you were to purchase the cheapest black paper towel on the market, it would cost $1.00 per sheet (1000/30). If you were to invest in a good quality product that is highly absorbent and durable black paper towels, they would cost $0.50 per sheet (1000/200). That means over time these black paper towels are less expensive!

Where are the best places to buy black paper towels?

This one is a no-brainer; always go with your favorite brands. We won’t tell you how to live your life, but if you like store brand over name brand, that’s entirely up to you.

However, when it comes to black paper towels, we must advise otherwise.

If a paper towel isn’t dark in color, then it just won’t absorb stains and spills on surfaces as well as possible. Thus, our best advice is to buy black paper towels from an established brand name such as Renova or Moyes Home—or simply use colored tissues or tea towels that are light in color rather than dark in color.

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Reviews of the best brands of black paper towels

All black paper towels are not created equal.

Here are some of our favorite brands, plus a few extra tidbits of information about why you might want to choose one over another.

  • Oftentimes, black paper towels come with added scrubbing power.
  • Recycled paper towels are usually made from old newspapers or corrugated cardboard. They’re surprisingly absorbent, but the ones that have been bleached may be dangerous for kids and pets.
  • Hybrid towel papers can be partially bleached (not hazardous) or fully recycled (recycled fibers). These generally offer the same benefits as non-bleached white products.
  • Many of these types will cost more than standard white products, but they’ll last longer because they don’t fall apart in wash cycles. If you’re on a budget, it’s worth it to buy fewer rolls and change your habits if possible.
  • Cheaper priced towels won’t absorb as well. Sometimes this is unavoidable since cleaning agents and other chemicals tend to break down paper fibers faster.
  • If you use black paper towels frequently, try cutting them into smaller sizes so they last longer. Some people even cut up used paper towels and put them in little bags to create their own homemade version of pre-cut pieces.
  • It’s important to note that black paper towels need a different washing cycle than regular laundry. To keep colors vibrant, always air dry after washing–even if you use bleach

The truth about black paper towels what you need to know before you buy

For many consumers, paper towels are a must-have household item. But there are countless brands and styles to choose from, which means picking just one type can feel daunting. That’s where we come in!

Below you’ll find a list of some great black paper towel choices as well as insider tips on how to make sure your purchase lasts as long as possible.

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French Bee Disposable Black and Gold Hand Towels

french bee black paper towels, Black Paper Towels: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Sold as 16 Towels at French Bee’s black paper towels are a bestseller for a reason. The paper is environmentally friendly and sourced from well-managed forests, plus they’re individually packaged in a biodegradable cellophane bag.

One of the more intriguing aspects of this product is that the bath towel portion has been specially treated to resist mildew and odors. This keeps your bathroom smelling fresh between washes, but it also prevents mildew and mold from building up on your guest towels! Black towels are often considered luxury products, but French Bee proves you can still have style without breaking the bank. Best of all, this brand offers bulk pricing if you’re in need of a large order or prefer to shop wholesale.

Renova Single Roll Kitchen Paper Towels

renova single roll kitchen paper towels, black paper towels,

Renova is a trustworthy company that’s been producing paper products for more than 50 years. Their black paper towels are a huge hit with consumers thanks to their ability to absorb liquid quickly and effectively.

The paper is made from 100% recycled fiber, meaning they’re eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment. They’re also easier on your wallet since you’ll have to replace them less often. This product comes in a case of 60 rolls, meaning you’ll have plenty of paper towels on hand for any occasion!

You can check Renova on Wikipedia.

BloominGoods Linen Feel Black Paper Disposable Napkins

bloomingoods cocktail napkins , black paper towels, black paper towel buying guide,

This disposable napkin is black in color. It is soft and highly absorbent. This can be best used in Kitchens, Bathroom, Weddings, Parties, or Events. This comes in a pack of 50 napkins. These eco-friendly black napkins are 20 x 40 inches in size. You will for sure like this napkin.

As a general rule of thumb, black paper towels are used in more formal settings. If you’re planning a dinner party or event that requires nicer dishes and cutlery, then you’ll want to use black paper towels to clean up after the festivities.

SparkSettings 2 Ply Towels Hand Napkins

sparksettings big party pack black napkins, black paper napkins,

The paper soft and absorbent decorative hand towels from SparkSettings are beautiful in shape and design. It is available in 40 pieces.

If you’re throwing a big party, then you’re going to need lots of paper towels and napkins. The SparkSettings Big Party Pack tableware is a good way to get the job done! This package includes 2 ply guest towels, paper soft and absorbent decorative hand towels for kitchen and parties, and is available in black color.

The paper is thick enough to withstand multiple uses while remaining soft enough to not scratch your hands during cleanup. Plus they’re disposable so there’s never any worry about running out of cleaning supplies midway through your festivities.

Jam Paper Small Beverage Napkins

jam paper beverage napkins, black paper napkins for bathroom and kitchen,

For those who are concerned about the environment, these black paper napkins are a great choice. Made from 100% recycled material, they’re eco-friendly and durable. You won’t have to buy new ones anytime soon!

This particular pack contains 50 pieces of black paper napkins. The quantity in a pack should be more than enough for most households.

Linen-Feel Colored Cocktail Napkins

linen feel black napkins, black napkins for kitchen and bathroom,

These paper napkins are perfect for anyone hosting a dinner party or special event. They come in bulk packages of 200, which will last for quite some time. The company gives you many color options. The black colored paper napkins are always available for purchase.


How are black paper towels produced?

Black paper towels are produced from recycled newsprint, as opposed to virgin paper products. They can be very durable. Black paper towels have a bit of an acquired taste (no pun intended), so your personal preference may play a big role in whether you decide to use them or not. Whether black or white is better for cleaning is somewhat subjective, but it’s generally agreed that black is better for oil-based messes and other stubborn stains, while white will do a better job on organic stains like fruit juice and egg yolk.

Is the quality lower than other types of paper towel?

As noted above, black paper towels are created from recycled newsprint and have a rougher texture than others. Quality varies depending on the manufacturer, but overall they perform similarly to other types of paper towel.

Which one is better – black or white?

The short answer is both; if you want something soft and gentle, then white would be preferable; if you want something strong and rugged, then go with black. Generally speaking, black paper towels are better for oil-based messes and other difficult tasks whereas white is better for everyday cleanups. Ultimately, the decision between one color or the other should come down to personal preference rather than anything else.

Why are black paper towels so much more expensive than regular ones?

Black paper towels are expensive becuase of the looks and texture. The black paper towels look much attractive and beautiful and it goes well with any type of events or function.

How is the quality of these black paper towels?

Very high. Made from 100% virgin fiber, these towels will never clump up or break apart, even after multiple washes. They’re stronger and softer than anything else out there! In addition to being tear-resistant, black paper towels are anti-microbial, which means germs won’t linger on them for long periods of time. And best of all, they’re super absorbent!


Black paper towels can be used in place of regular ones. You’ll find yourself reaching for black paper towels more often than usual, which means replacing them sooner rather than later.

While they might be pricier to buy in bulk (most likely), you should factor that into your long-term cost analysis when comparing them to normal paper towels.

Overall, these products are best for those who need an added touch of luxury or for those who want their bathroom or kitchen to really pop!

If you like using black products as accents in your home, then adding a few rolls of black paper towels to your shopping cart is certainly worth considering.


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